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  1. Simon Cole's Avatar
    Hello i have purchased the 14" SUV Laguna bandsaw comes with ceramic guides & have purchased a driftmaster fence. I had a Delta 14" Platinum saw which was great but not in the league of this new beast 3hp motor twin dust ports & i love the table being lower. The mobile base totally rocks best i've had yet & Tim at Laguna made this process completely painless for me i must say he is was great a pleasure to deal with an honest, i was looking at an 18" & he suggested for me & my small saw & individual needs this 14" would be a better fit for me. So anyone looking for an American Platinum Edition 14" Bandsaw with mobile base etc please contact me in perfect condition new tires & kreg fence on her.
  2. Brian Kincaid's Avatar
    Uh, I bought one and it looks nothing like the picture you have here. The picture on laguna website is close, but the fence is milled flat.
  3. Leigh Betsch's Avatar
    I have MM20 with Laguna ceramic guides and a Drift Master fence. Both are very good upgrades to any saw.
  4. Laguna Tools's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Rowe
    Does it fit on the Driftmaster? does fit. Torben helped design it that way.
  5. Steve Rowe's Avatar
    Does it fit on the Driftmaster?