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  1. the thumbnail history of Arts & Crafts opener:

    There is already too much written about the intriguing Arts & Crafts movement, and by better authors.
    I only intend to recap the parts which affect furniture design.

    My sources for this quickie A&C history will be:

    Mission Furniture you can build by Wagner

    WOOD magazine A&C furniture

    Pop WW A&C furniture projects

    A&C furniture by Howard

    In the Craftsman Style by Fine WW

    Authentic ...
  2. picture works

  3. photo

    well not sure why my photo isn't working out but here is a link TABLE
  4. Shellac

    Well tonight I added the first coat of shellac to my first real woodworking table. I made a few tables before that were very simple and straight from plans so we will see how this one turns out. Hopefully good since the 8 stitches I received were more expensive then a nice table from a high end furniture store.
  5. Swirl Inlay W/Table Saw Jig

    Here is a tutorial on the "Swirl" inlay that I use, but with a twist, this time I made a little jig for the table saw.

    As you can see it is a small simple sled. I then took the sled and marked a line of what I thought would be a good angle for most pen blanks. I don't know what the exact angle is... I just eye balled it. It is more than 45 degree's of that I'm sure of.

    I measure