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    Julie Moriarty

    Why Is Oak "Dated"?

    Thread Starter: Julie Moriarty

    A realtor came through the house to do a selling appraisal. She deducted $15K for the bathrooms and noted "functional obsolescence" as the reason. I asked her why, since the bathrooms function perfectly well. She said tile colors and oak cabinets. My first woodworking project was made out of...

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    Rick Potter

    Least used 'gotta have it' tool?

    Thread Starter: Rick Potter

    For me it turned out to be my Porter Cable Profile Sander. If it's good enough for Norm, I had to have it. I think I have used it twice in over 15 years.

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    Edward Oleen

    ShopNotes has been discontinued.

    Thread Starter: Edward Oleen

    Yes, it is true, or that is the case according to the two people in the customer service department that I have just finished talking to. I ordered it at the beginning of August, and have received no issues. E-mails, yes, but no magazines. Today I received a bill, noting that I had not paid...

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    Karen Barber

    Engraving Leather

    Thread Starter: Karen Barber

    Hello All! I first want to start off by saying this is truly a fantastic site (so much so I am going to be upgrading to contributor). Okay, so while I was at my local Tandy Leather Outlet recently I was informed by the lady working there that a previous customer, who did laser engraving,...

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    Brian Hale

    Getting WiFi to shop

    Thread Starter: Brian Hale

    Hey Yall Trying to get WiFi out to my shop which is a separate building about 60' from the house and 90' from my Fios router. Running a cable would be the best idea but It would need to pass under 2 sidewalks, down and under a 4' retaining wall, under 25' of driveway and up 16' into the shop....

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    Moses Yoder

    Cost versus satisfaction of Hobbies

    Thread Starter: Moses Yoder

    This summer I was involved in three "hobbies". Wet shaving, woodworking, and Coleman lanterns. I got into wet shaving and joined a forum and gradually while reading the posts there I realized I would "need" hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stuff if I wanted to be respected in that...

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