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    Patrick Walsh

    Gave the jointer/planer a serious workout today. Bench Project

    Thread Starter: Patrick Walsh

    I purchased this lumber about a year ago now. Life got busy, it still is but its time i make time to get this done. I am currently building a bunch of kitchen cabinets and a number of vanities for a client. He can be a bit slow with CAD drawings so i have had a down day here and there. I have...

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    Bill McNiel

    Members and Contributors

    Thread Starter: Bill McNiel

    OK, this is a rant- SMC continually provides great, knowledgeable information, discussions and some humor. I don't understand why everyone who participates on this site, asks questions, posts or responds is not a Contributor. There are individuals here who have been Members for many years and...

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    John TenEyck

    HuanYang VFD parameters. Help!

    Thread Starter: John TenEyck

    My friend bought a HuanYang VFD, single phase 220V input to 3-phase 230V output to run a 5 HP motor, on his awesome (we hope) Zefam jointer. I have it wired and powered up, programmed the VFD after watching a couple of YouTube videos and studying the manual, such as it is. I have gotten the motor...

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    Colton Miller

    Made In USA Bar Clamp

    Thread Starter: Colton Miller

    Hello, I have been a long time lurker of this forum but just recently became a member. I am looking into manufacturing bar clamps made completely here in the states. I think we have all had our fair share of the flexing chinese made ones. Im looking to make a 4 inch throut depth 2 foot and 3 foot...

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    mike waters

    How to know how much kitchen renovation adds to home value

    Thread Starter: mike waters

    We bought a rehab. the kitchen was old and awful. building a new kitchen myself, total costs come to ~$6,500 (not including appliance cost) when I got quoted (for fun) by cabinet shops in town - they were between $70,000 and $110,000. since I did it myself, how do I know what value is added...

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    Ole Anderson

    Proof, proof, proof

    Thread Starter: Ole Anderson

    Mini rant: Not so much on the Creek, but particularly on FaceBook: Do people ever go back and proof what they are writing? And not just responses to a thread, but I have seen the OP write a short question or comment that makes no sense what-so-ever, and is full of grammatical full-on goofs and...

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