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    How do you pronounce "fascia"? (Votes: 50)

    1. FAH-sya (Votes: 4)

    2. FAH-see-ya (Votes: 5)

    3. FAY-sya (Votes: 39)

    4. FAY-see-ya (Votes: 2)

    5. What the heck is a fascia? (Votes: 0)

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    Lee Schierer

    It's This One Again: Recommended Finish Table Saw Blade?

    I agree completely. YOu don't have to spend $200 to get quality cuts, but there are blades out there in that price range. My preference for my level

    Lee Schierer Today, 9:55 AM Go to last post
    Al Launier

    It's Always the Stupid Things

    Hate to use a well worn out expression, but I try to use these incidents as a "learning experience". So far, it's touch & go. Must be an

    Al Launier Today, 9:54 AM Go to last post
    John K Jordan

    The Expert

    You must not be a door installation expert. An expert is someone who makes all their mistakes in private. Sorry, you missed your chance to be the expert

    John K Jordan Today, 9:48 AM Go to last post
    John Lifer

    Another use....

    I've a 4 wheel, not hot dog. And YES, especially light items. Glass, no. this growler weighs about 8 ounces. Without the lid and rings, about 4.

    John Lifer Today, 9:47 AM Go to last post
    Tom Norton

    Turned Chandliler??

    Cannot seem to post the link to the pic. But the fixture is a spindle with 6-8 arms coming out of the larger part of the turning. I believe I need to

    Tom Norton Today, 9:47 AM Go to last post