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    Rick Potter

    How old is elderly?

    Thread Starter: Rick Potter

    Having recently passed my 75th birthday, I got to wondering ....what is a senior citizen? I always assumed age 65, when you are expected to retire was the senior citizen threshold. Then kids at taco stands started offering me a senior discount when I was under 50. Hey, they said 'do you want a...

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    Brent Romero

    Is Festool Sander worth the $$

    Thread Starter: Brent Romero

    As with most things I have learned in life, higher cost usually equals higher quality and performance. is the Festool sander truly worth the money? Looking forward to your expert advice.

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    Bill Graham

    Pet peeve with forums

    Thread Starter: Bill Graham

    OK, here we go: Why don't people who post a thread asking for advice about a manufacturer's tool of a given model number expect those who reply to either be intimately familiar with the model numbers of every tool produced by every manufacturer or spend time searching for it on Google? If you...

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    Brandon Hanley

    shop fox 8" jointer models w1741s vs w1741sw

    Thread Starter: Brandon Hanley

    While getting ready to click submit on the order for a shop fox w1741w for $1212 I see an advertisement for the w1741s for $1364. That catches my interests because its only $150 more and has the spiral cutter. While trying to research it i keep finding stuff referencing the w1741sw which seems...

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    Brandon Hanley

    What is the right saw for the job? Small stuff...

    Thread Starter: Brandon Hanley

    What saw should I be using to cut tiny stuff like 1/4 x 1/4 x 4in pieces? I've been using my cabinet saw or bandsaw but neither seems like the right tool for the job. Should I be using some sort of sled or jig for stuff like that or adding a new tool all together like a mini table saw or...

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    Jamie Lynch

    New Shop (Finally!)

    Thread Starter: Jamie Lynch

    Last December I moved my family so I could be closer to work. We left our 1 acre lot with 1200 sq ft shop for an over-sized 1/3 acre city lot. After some saving and planning, the backyard shop is about to become a reality. The plan is for a 24x24 metal building. The building will be...

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