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    Mike Heidrick

    Pole Barn 40X64X16

    Thread Starter: Mike Heidrick

    Signed a contract yesterday with S&L Builders out of Indiana for a 40X64X16 Pole Barn with a 10X24 porch. Build date August 18, 2014. Plan to install Pex for raidant floor heat. Concrete slab 5" thick. Also doing 1.5" closed cell foam under the pad. Built on Laminated posts in ground. Will...

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    mark mcfarlane

    Yet another shop build.... McFarlane

    Thread Starter: mark mcfarlane

    After a 9 month battle with the local water district over an easement, we started clearing the land for my new shop today. It was amazing to watch these guys clear the land. We had three 80-100' pine trees removed and about a dozen smaller ones. One of the tall trees was 2 feet off my...

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    Mike O'Melia

    Chainsaw Thoughts?

    Thread Starter: Mike O'Melia

    My old Poulan 18" has seen better days. I could definitely use something with a longer bar. Any body have thoughts on a good consumer/residential chainsaw? (bigger than 18") Mike

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    Larry Foster


    Thread Starter: Larry Foster

    Another of my dumb noob questions. I have seen where people make dados with routers and just the regular blade on their table saw by making multiple passes without a dado head. How important is the ability to use a dado head on a table to a casual hobbyist? The reason I ask is that one of...

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    steven c newman

    They're baaack

    Thread Starter: steven c newman

    Stopped in at Aldi's Friday.. $6.99 + sales tax... Haven't taken these out of the package, yet.... Bought a set about 2 years or so ago.....still going strong. My current users. If I get a bit of time, I may tune the new ones up. Might even post a few pictures....

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    Chet R Parks

    New LV Combo Plane

    Thread Starter: Chet R Parks

    The new LV combo plane is now available on the last day of free shipping in case you missed it and are interested.

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