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    steven c newman

    Step back cupboard, a build thread

    Thread Starter: steven c newman

    Time to get busy. hauled two planks to the shop, tonight. Mr. Gumption picks some strange times to show up...;) Marked the first one, in order to get two blanks out of it. Second one only had enough for one blank.....got out a saw.. A D-112, and that big, old square. Was only trying...

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    dennis thompson


    Thread Starter: dennis thompson

    Anyone own bitcoin? Anyone understand what it is? I don't.:confused:

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    Julie Moriarty

    Building a J-Class Sailboat

    Thread Starter: Julie Moriarty

    While waiting for the egg to hatch (buying a house) I've found myself lost without having something to create. So I decided to build a sailboat. It's going to be a replica of this, except how it looked when first built in 1934: J-Class Endeavour Length - 39.56m / 130ft Beam - 6.80m / 22ft...

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    Rich Riddle

    Woodworking Attire

    Thread Starter: Rich Riddle

    What do you folks wear in the shop when working? I usually wear sweats in the shop. In the past, overalls were in fashion, but the fashion police seemed to have culled them out. Do any of you really wear an apron?

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    julian abram

    Grizzly Frustration

    Thread Starter: julian abram

    I've been wanting to upgrade my planer & jointer so during Christmas I sold my 6" Jet and Dewalt 635 to a nice young fellow who is starting woodworking as a hobby. I had some extra Christmas money so I ordered a Grizzly G04543ZW 15" spiral planer and G0490x 8" spiral jointer. When I placed the...

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    Mike Walsh

    (new) Rough Cut

    Thread Starter: Mike Walsh

    Tom McLaughlin (Epic Woodworking) sent out an email this morning that he'll be replacing Tommy MacDonald on Rough Cuts. The show is now partnered with Fine Woodworking and will be renamed Rough Cut with Fine Woodworking. Tom was a guest a few times on the old show and great to watch (IMO). Should...

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    Pat Barry

    dovetail saw

    To make the saw cut it feels like I need to lift up a bit to take out some of the bite. Not ready to change anything yet about the set but I do appreciate

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    Bill McDougal

    Card scraper machine marks?

    Dan and Pete,

    Like you say, I was probably too aggressive with a dulling tool and started "riding the waves". I like the skewing

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    David Eisenhauer

    First serious project -- bed frame

    Outstanding start to your first serious project Steven. Great photos and a good explanation of your work sequence. This will be a good thread I predict.

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    Pete Taran

    Plane score of the year

    Apples and Oranges Lowell. The plane Brian bought has various radiuses of curved soles to make patterns with. They (and core box planes), were very

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    Bill McDougal

    Card scraper machine marks?


    Since this is only the second time I have put a new "hook" onto a scraper, I think you are probably on to something! I

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