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    mark mcfarlane

    Yet another shop build.... McFarlane

    Thread Starter: mark mcfarlane

    After a 9 month battle with the local water district over an easement, we started clearing the land for my new shop today. It was amazing to watch these guys clear the land. We had three 80-100' pine trees removed and about a dozen smaller ones. One of the tall trees was 2 feet off my...

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    Ben Rivel

    Anyone Using Cutlist Plus Software?

    Thread Starter: Ben Rivel

    Anyone out there using Cutlist Plus (LINK)? Thinking about purchasing the Silver edition but wanted to hear from any who have been using it and what they thought. There doesn't seem to be too much out there around the net at far as reviews go on this type of software. I know there is also Maxcut...

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    Steve Mathews

    Return Stanley 750 Chisels?

    Thread Starter: Steve Mathews

    I'm considering returning the new Stanley 750 chisel set purchased a few weeks ago and replacing them with something of better quality. The set was purchased after reading several positive reviews. Several of them also mentioned that the protective coating on the steel was tough to remove. I...

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    allen long

    Dovetail Guide comparison

    Thread Starter: allen long

    Has anyone had a chance to compare David Barron's magnetic dovetail guide to Lee Valley's version. They look quite similar. Yeah, yeah, I know I should practice dovetails strictly by hand, but David's demo at handworks was pretty slick. I would normally go with his guide, but I spent way too...

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    andrew whicker

    Lesson Learned: Ordering Glass

    Thread Starter: andrew whicker

    I ordered some tempered .25" thick glass for a coffee table. The coffee table design has a small shelf and a large top. The glass shop etched in their logo on the small piece. Apparently, since the glass was small the company assumed it was for a window and intentionally etched their logo on...

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    James Waldron

    New UPS Practice (U.S. Deliveries)

    Thread Starter: James Waldron

    It seems that actually delivering packages is way too much trouble for UPS these days. So they've decided to cut back on deliveries in some circumstances. If a package requires someone to accept it, e.g. a signature is required or a COD charge applies, they will make one attempt to deliver and if...

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