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    Oskar Sedell

    Narrow hand tool shop

    Thread Starter: Oskar Sedell

    Hi all, looking for advice on using the space in a very small hand tool only shop. I'll be moving in a couple of weeks, and it looks like I'll get my first own shop in a storage room in the cellar. Since I've been working off my kitchen table (in a single room apt) so far this will be a...

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    Alan Lightstone

    New Workshop - Need lots of good advice

    Thread Starter: Alan Lightstone

    We've just purchased a new home, and one that presents a great opportunity to design a workshop with a relatively clean slate in a great space. The home we are purchasing is near the beach, so is built up to withstand hurricanes. In fact, it's built to withstand Cat 5 hurricanes, and is easily...

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    Bill Graham

    Pet peeve with forums

    Thread Starter: Bill Graham

    OK, here we go: Why don't people who post a thread asking for advice about a manufacturer's tool of a given model number expect those who reply to either be intimately familiar with the model numbers of every tool produced by every manufacturer or spend time searching for it on Google? If you...

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    Mike Geig

    Replacement for old Craftsman Table Saw

    Thread Starter: Mike Geig

    Howdy, I have an older Craftsman 113.29730 contractor-style table saw with extension that I inherited from my grandpa. I have it on a rolling wooden base and so far it has treated me very well. I am now looking for an adequate replacement as this saw has developed some wear over the years and lacks...

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    Bill Jobe

    Here's what has me puzzled

    Thread Starter: Bill Jobe

    So.....why has no one suggested that the "Big Bang" (as we struggle to understand why so little antimatter is known to exist within our scope of understanding) has the same MO as the few antimatter particles we have been able to study. When matter and antimatter touch, a bolt of pure energy is...

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    Mikey Green

    Are carbide tools causing us to lose skills in turning?

    Thread Starter: Mikey Green

    I quit turning for a year or two, but just recently starting turning again. Before I took my hiatus, I'd purchased some carbide cutter tools and used them on a very limited basis for specific purposes. In coming back to my hobby and reviewing a lot of you-tube videos of others turning, as well as...

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