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    Hasin Haroon

    Let's see your Neander Shop!

    Thread Starter: Hasin Haroon

    I love seeing other woodworking shops, neander or power, for the inspiration that they can bring to my own reorganisations of my shop. So post some images of your shop (neander or non-neander, despite the title). I'll start with my basement workshop, which my wife very kindly allows me to have....

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    Steven Harrison

    Lie-Nielsen Issues

    Thread Starter: Steven Harrison

    I need some opinions of woodworkers with more experience. I'm on my 3rd lever cap for a Lie-Nielsen #8. It's a brand new plane that I received on the 20th of October. The first cap had the lever bent so it was extremely difficult to operate. The second and third it doesn't appear that the...

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    Tim M Tuttle

    Which planes to get?

    Thread Starter: Tim M Tuttle

    Morning all, I am wanting to get a couple of planes. I dont do a lot of hand tool work and my future projects wont call for it really, but there have been and will be times that I'll need a plane. I'd like to start out with a block plane and a bench plane. My knowledge of planes is very...

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    Alan Lightstone

    New Workshop - Need lots of good advice

    Thread Starter: Alan Lightstone

    We've just purchased a new home, and one that presents a great opportunity to design a workshop with a relatively clean slate in a great space. The home we are purchasing is near the beach, so is built up to withstand hurricanes. In fact, it's built to withstand Cat 5 hurricanes, and is easily...

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    Boyd Gathwright

    Grizzly G 0507 20” bandsaw

    Thread Starter: Boyd Gathwright

    Hello Everyone, It’s been sometime since I posted last, although, I have stopped in every once in a while to read some of the posts. I had an interesting experience with my Grizzly G 0507 20” bandsaw almost two weeks ago. Flipped the switch and the TIRE broke. I have never broken a blade...

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    Bill Graham

    Pet peeve with forums

    Thread Starter: Bill Graham

    OK, here we go: Why don't people who post a thread asking for advice about a manufacturer's tool of a given model number expect those who reply to either be intimately familiar with the model numbers of every tool produced by every manufacturer or spend time searching for it on Google? If you...

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