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Laguna Tools

Wood Tools Disciple from Laguna Tools

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Hello everyone. My name is David Spoon. Iíve recently come to work for Laguna Tools (about 5 weeks now). First, I want to say that every person (and I mean every person) has been extremely nice and helpful as my education began, continues, and will continue to grow in the realm of wood, tools, creative projects, and shop escape.
Although I donít possess the same level of knowledge as my predecessors or coworkers, I can earnestly say Iím growing at an accelerated rate (kind of like my weight during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Yearís).
I will be presenting special sales offers (exclusively for SawMill Creek members) as well as communicating some of our more compelling sales offers.
This is my introduction, so if you have any questions for me, Iíll be glad to answer them. I hope that, regarding the wood world, if I have any questions, there will be help out there for me.
My number is 1-800-234-1976 and my extension is 9622. You can also email me at Thanks for all your support.