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    mark mcfarlane

    Yet another shop build.... McFarlane

    Thread Starter: mark mcfarlane

    After a 9 month battle with the local water district over an easement, we started clearing the land for my new shop today. It was amazing to watch these guys clear the land. We had three 80-100' pine trees removed and about a dozen smaller ones. One of the tall trees was 2 feet off my...

    Last Post By: mark mcfarlane Yesterday, 7:03 PM Go to last post
    steven c newman

    Recycled 2x4 project

    Thread Starter: steven c newman

    Just what it says. I cleaned up the junk in the back yard, yesterday. Wound up with six pieces of 2x4, after cutting out the bad stuff in three longer boards.. Handsome devils, aren't they? So, this morning I hauled these things down to the shop. I set the longer three aside, for now. ...

    Last Post By: steven c newman Yesterday, 6:23 PM Go to last post
    Stephen Hibbs

    good wood for a raised garden?

    Thread Starter: Stephen Hibbs

    Hey, We are working on making two 3'x12' planters with a dog-proof 6' tall trellace/wall around a total area of 8'x12'. We are currently wondering what wood to use that's a good combination of durability and price. Right now we are kicking around using plastic wood, redwood, or cedar. We want...

    Last Post By: John K Jordan Yesterday, 11:39 AM Go to last post
    Matthew Hutchinson477

    Can this Disston handle finish be saved?

    Thread Starter: Matthew Hutchinson477

    I believe the finish is shellac. I have read about using alcohol and fine steel wool to "restore" an old shellac finish. So I tried rubbing a little bit of alcohol into one small spot with a soft cloth but it looked like I was just wiping a thin layer of shellac off and not spreading it around at...

    Last Post By: Todd Stock Yesterday, 6:48 PM Go to last post
    Bill Stearns

    Is it time i discard this customer? Would you?

    Thread Starter: Bill Stearns

    HEY ALL: I'm in need of advice Ďn opinions. For Ďbout eight years, Iíve engraved assorted products for an organization, which resells these logo-enhanced items. Not wanting to risk losing their fairly steady business, Iíve always charged extremely low prices, plus Iíve (stupidly) never charged a...

    Last Post By: Clark Pace Yesterday, 9:04 PM Go to last post
    Rod Sheridan

    Menards and Home Depot Lawsuit

    Thread Starter: Rod Sheridan

    Apparently a class action suit is being brought against both companies for misleading consumers with regards to lumber dimensions. The suit argues that the companies are short changing consumers by 23% because a 2 X 4 isn't 2 X 4 inches. Have we really gone this silly in society? ...

    Last Post By: Bill McNiel Yesterday, 8:55 PM Go to last post
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