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    mike glaser

    Flooring Guy butchered my stairs. Any hope for fixing? (pics)

    Thread Starter: mike glaser

    Hi all, long time reader first time poster. I enjoy woodworking and love the challenges it brings with it. Scenerio: -We had carpeting on 22 stairs. -We wanted straight noses and straight edges all around, clean and crisp edges to give the modern look. -I knew nothing about codes (which is...

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    Mike Henderson

    Carved Flower Tutorial

    Thread Starter: Mike Henderson

    Let me make a few preliminary comments before starting the tutorial. When you carve an object, you're not trying to make a photographic reproduction of it - you're trying to "represent" the object, which means that you need to decide what the important aspects of the object are and make sure those...

    Last Post By: Nick Stokes Today, 12:17 PM Go to last post
    Frederick Skelly

    Anyone tried this: Peening your tenons

    Thread Starter: Frederick Skelly

    Current FWW has a full page shop tip on doing this (FWW #263, page 12). Basically, you cut a snug tenon, pound the tenon's faces gently to compress them and then put glue on it and slip it into the mortise. The author said it's a Japanese technique. Thoughts? Fred

    Last Post By: Stanley Covington Today, 1:56 PM Go to last post
    Bob Cooper

    Debating to buy a router lift

    Thread Starter: Bob Cooper

    Currently my router -- a Milwaukee-- sits in my table saw and it serves me pretty well but I think it's time to build a dedicated router table. So I'm wondering how convenient a lift would be. I bought the current router partly because of its above the table height adjustment but I found I never...

    Last Post By: Earl Rumans Yesterday, 11:31 PM Go to last post
    Nathan Johnson

    Chopping Mortises

    Thread Starter: Nathan Johnson

    I'm currently working on my bench and chopping mortises for the stretchers in the legs. Using laminated SPF 2x4s and a 12mm bevel edge chisel. I do not own any mortise chisels. No drill press. No auger bits. So I'm asking for any tips on chopping better mortises. The chisel is square, with a 25...

    Last Post By: Nathan Johnson Yesterday, 5:26 PM Go to last post
    Thomas Marr

    Tools that are much better than you expected

    Thread Starter: Thomas Marr

    I have a lot of tools. My career was in new product innovation, so I'm always curious about new tools. I thought I'd start a thread about tools that were better than expected. 1. Ryobi cordless brad nailer: I have a friend who knows the guy that invented the technology TTI uses (or so he...

    Last Post By: James Morgan Today, 4:21 PM Go to last post
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