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    randall rosenthal

    "old money"

    Thread Starter: randall rosenthal

    i started this piece on january 15th. i have diligently recorded the process. i hope you enjoy watching this come together. i'll post a few photos over time. it starts with me gluing three pieces of white pine to make one solid block........

    Last Post By: randall rosenthal Today, 7:07 PM Go to last post
    Mike Null

    Corel Tips

    Thread Starter: Mike Null

    I am starting this thread for the purpose of providing tips on the use of Corel Draw. Everybody who has ways of using CD and wants to share them please contribute without waiting for prompts.

    Last Post By: rick elsey Today, 6:04 PM Go to last post
    Frank Martin

    Bevel up or bevel down? Hope Rob Lee chimes in

    Thread Starter: Frank Martin

    Like many other people, I am very excited about the new line of customizable bevel down planes from Veritas. I am far from being a neander, but have nearly all of the bevel up planes as well as a few specialized planes from Veritas. I use them where power tools are not the best. For example,...

    Last Post By: Gary Muto Yesterday, 8:52 PM Go to last post
    Scott Shepherd

    Is privacy coming back?

    Thread Starter: Scott Shepherd

    Two things caught my attention in the tech world last week. One was that the iPhone 6 with IOS8 is encrypted and even Apple can't unencrypt (is that a word?). It makes all the unlawful gathering of data that's going on now go away to a large degree. Even if served with a warrant, Apple can't get...

    Last Post By: Phil Thien Today, 7:40 PM Go to last post
    Wade Lippman

    Repossessing a car?

    Thread Starter: Wade Lippman

    I financed a new car 6 months ago. The finance company just noticed they failed to get their name on the title. (In NYS the owner gets the title, but the finance company's lien is noted on the title). They demanded that I mail them the title or they would consider me to be in default and...

    Last Post By: Phil Thien Today, 2:44 PM Go to last post
    Ron Kellison

    CE Jennings socket chisels

    Thread Starter: Ron Kellison

    I have the opportunity to pick up an 8-piece set of CE Jennings socket chisels for $100. The handles are all in great shape, there are no nicks in the edges and no rust. They are presently packed in a roll which may have kept them from getting banged up over the years. I've never run into...

    Last Post By: Warren Mickley Yesterday, 9:10 PM Go to last post
  • gary Zimmel

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