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    Leigh Betsch

    A Great Woodie Build Off

    Thread Starter: Leigh Betsch

    What do you say to a Wooden plane build challenge? Anyone interested builds a plane. Any size, shape, construction, type, anything goes. No voting, no winning or loosing, only rule is you gotta make the base out of wood, and it's gotta be done in 3 months. Any interest? Maybe get some plane...

    Last Post By: Leigh Betsch Yesterday, 9:09 PM Go to last post
    randall rosenthal

    "old money"

    Thread Starter: randall rosenthal

    i started this piece on january 15th. i have diligently recorded the process. i hope you enjoy watching this come together. i'll post a few photos over time. it starts with me gluing three pieces of white pine to make one solid block........

    Last Post By: Allan Speers Yesterday, 10:02 PM Go to last post
    Matt McCoy

    Glowforge 3D Laser Printer

    Thread Starter: Matt McCoy

    Here's a New York Times article about the new laser Dan Shapiro and Glowforge are developing in Seattle. They call it a 3D laser printer and plan to sell it for $2,000 with friendly, but powerful, cloud-based software. "To cut costs, Glowforge has found ways to substitute sophisticated ...

    Last Post By: Matt McCoy Yesterday, 8:06 PM Go to last post
    Leigh Betsch

    Show us your Bench

    Thread Starter: Leigh Betsch

    How about a "Show us your Bench" thread? Say two pics max, best features, construction materials, maybe list the accessories, vices etc. but limit each bench to one post, to keep people from hijacking the thread and make it easy to see a lot of benches. I know that there is a workbench section in...

    Last Post By: Leigh Betsch Yesterday, 10:56 PM Go to last post
    Mike Heidrick

    Pole Barn 40X64X16

    Thread Starter: Mike Heidrick

    Signed a contract yesterday with S&L Builders out of Indiana for a 40X64X16 Pole Barn with a 10X24 porch. Build date August 18, 2014. Plan to install Pex for raidant floor heat. Concrete slab 5" thick. Also doing 1.5" closed cell foam under the pad. Built on Laminated posts in ground. Will...

    Last Post By: Ian Moone Today, 1:52 AM Go to last post
    Karl Fife

    Close-Up and Personal Look at the NEW Lie-Nielsen PLOW PLANE

    Thread Starter: Karl Fife

    Here are a few pictures I took of the much-anticipated Lie Nielsen Plow Plane (Plough Plane) while at Handworks 2015 in Amana, Iowa. Apparently I can only put 8 pictures in a post, so I'll reply to my own post with four more. As you know, this tool is based on the Miller's...

    Last Post By: Steve Clardy Yesterday, 11:12 PM Go to last post
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    Dave Hutton

    Cardboard Box template generator.

    Thanks for the replies chaps - some useful stuff on rabbit laser site and have found a couple of generators online (that I already had bookmarked - only

    Dave Hutton Today, 4:38 AM Go to last post
    Jerry Miner

    Question For Cabinet Builders

    I have also built and installed many vanities. I usually put a couple of cleats behind that panel and attach it with screws from behind so it can be removed

    Jerry Miner Today, 3:17 AM Go to last post
    Jim Koepke

    Veritas Nutsaver

    My grip is not as good as it used to be. My faithful companion is also involved, Arthur as in Arthur Rightus.


    Jim Koepke Today, 3:15 AM Go to last post
    Brian Ashton

    Veritas Nutsaver

    Maybe I've got vise grip type fingers because I've never had the depth stop slip, and I've used them a fair bit over the years.

    Brian Ashton Today, 3:12 AM Go to last post
    Brian Ashton

    How big is your sawdust pile?

    Years ago I used to have my shop on a farm. When doing a large turning production runs I could have a pile out back of the shop every few days that was

    Brian Ashton Today, 3:06 AM Go to last post
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