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    What to use for mitre bar stock? (Votes: 74)

    1. Anything other than $40 worth of Incra mitre bars is not worthy of your crosscut sled. (Votes: 6)

    2. Not worth $40, but you really should take the time to drill/tap steel bars for your sled. (Votes: 13)

    3. Run what you brung, square the sled to the blade, shoot some brads, countersink, move on. (Votes: 41)

    4. You are over-thinking this in a big way. Nothing to see here, move along. (Votes: 11)

    5. Carrots and peas. (Votes: 3)

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    Gabriel Voicu

    40W tube on 60W power supply?

    Thank you, everyone for your answers.
    I intended to install a smaller tube without any modifications. I found a supplier around here that said they

    Gabriel Voicu Today, 4:47 AM Go to last post
    Craig Day

    New drill press - stock table - rough machine marks


    I have this same drill press in the floor standing model. The table is rough and the edges were also quite rough. I took a metal file

    Craig Day Today, 4:21 AM Go to last post
    Tamsyn Michael

    Trotec Training

    Thanks a lot Scott - just downloading the video now. We have the same laser, and a lot of issues, so fingers cross it helps.

    Tamsyn Michael Today, 3:44 AM Go to last post
    Kees Heiden

    Processes in Making the Porpoise Necklace

    Good work George. I can't comment on the artistry, because I really have no idea about that stuff, but I can see the craftmanship is excellent.

    Kees Heiden Today, 3:19 AM Go to last post
    Albert Lee

    how useful is a dual saw?

    That's why I bought this dual head saw. I really dislike the repetitiveness of production run but for me it's easier to make $ from than one off item.

    Albert Lee Today, 3:17 AM Go to last post
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