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    How do you pronounce "fascia"? (Votes: 50)

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    2. FAH-see-ya (Votes: 5)

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    Chad Burnside

    Is my plane a #5 or #5 1/4?

    I have a plane I'm hoping the forum can help me with. I thought it was a #5 1/4 because on the toe it has #5 1/4 but when I measured the sole

    Chad Burnside Today, 1:31 AM Go to last post
    Harold Balzonia

    How do I polish epoxy resin?

    I might be able to help you but here's some questions that will help me help you:

    what kind of resin are you using? (Brand/type)

    Harold Balzonia Today, 1:24 AM Go to last post
    Edwin Santos

    Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Pull Location

    I'd say what Tom Silva recommends and what Jerry has illustrated are similar in concept. My vote is to go this direction rather than centering all the

    Edwin Santos Today, 1:23 AM Go to last post
    Bruce Jones

    Sapel Bowl

    Hello again every one here's What I've been up to in December, This is a 10 1/4 " x 4" hand carved Rim & tri. foot Sapel Bowl w/ Danish

    Bruce Jones Today, 1:03 AM Go to last post
    Mel Fulks


    Fort Knox is full of gold....the Feds think it's valuble. Somebody asked them "why gold"? Turns out there just are not enough Honus Wagner

    Mel Fulks Today, 12:56 AM Go to last post
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