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    David Falkner

    2nd Build (first) - CNC Router

    Thread Starter: David Falkner

    Building my 2nd CNC first, I hope. I have been researching for over a year, read a thousand threads and articles, and am hopefully building my 'second machine' for my first. There is still a ton to learn and that process will probably never stop. Of this I am certain, I will be in new territory...

    Last Post By: David Falkner Today, 8:40 AM Go to last post
    Eric Schubert

    My First Workbench Build - A Journal

    Thread Starter: Eric Schubert

    Welcome to my journal thread for my very first major build: a workbench! I plan to add photos and updates as I make progress on the bench build, which may or may not be frequently. It all depends on how it plays out. But, I'm hoping that it'll be a learning experience for both you and me, and...

    Last Post By: Eric Schubert Yesterday, 6:12 PM Go to last post
    Keith Outten

    Laser Forum File Attachments

    Thread Starter: Keith Outten

    We are changing the way we have been offering DVD's of our file attachments to those of you who are interested in purchasing the discs. In the past we offered DVD sets that included file attachments from every forum, starting today we will only offer DVD's from each individual forum. The reason for...

    Last Post By: Doug Hoffman Today, 11:37 AM Go to last post
    Rich Riddle

    2016 NFL Picks

    Thread Starter: Rich Riddle

    Preseason opens in less than two weeks, believe it or not. Pick your teams. Green Bay. Hopefully there won't be misguided Patriot or Bronco fans here.

    Last Post By: Bill McNiel Yesterday, 1:30 PM Go to last post
    julian abram

    I was wrong, I likey tracksaw

    Thread Starter: julian abram

    In recent years I've read many of the threads bragging about various brands of tracksaws. I kind of poo-pooed folks in love with their track saws, just couldn't see the need. A good circular saw with a guide does everything a tracksaw can do, right? Well, I purchased a Dewalt tracksaw about a year...

    Last Post By: Jon Endres Yesterday, 3:43 PM Go to last post
    Phil Mueller

    saw sharpening critique/input

    Thread Starter: Phil Mueller

    Pete gave me some good technique pointers in the saw file thread, so I went after a garage sale 10 pt rip saw to see what I could do. The teeth were in fairly bad shape with quite a few "low" and mishapend teeth. I ended up jointing it pretty agressively, then shaping as best I could. I aimed...

    Last Post By: Patrick Chase Yesterday, 1:08 PM Go to last post
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    James Pallas

    The Floating Credenza - Build Thread

    That explains it. From your first description I thought you were replacing one. You have to do what a client wants and dovetails do sell. In any case

    James Pallas Today, 1:01 PM Go to last post
    John Blazy

    Learning Corel Draw

    I bought Corel 7 and tried several times to self learn it, and went back to my QCAD program. Too complex - can't even connect lines. I'm sure I've overlooked

    John Blazy Today, 12:47 PM Go to last post
    Rick Schubert

    FS: Veritas Round Spokeshave

    Veritas Round Spokeshave, A2 $85.00


    Barely used on one small project.

    Shipping to lower 48 included in

    Rick Schubert Today, 12:38 PM Go to last post
    Andrew Pitonyak

    Festool Track Saw TS 55 tear down video

    Festool Track Saw TS 55 tear down video by a guy who does not care for woodworking, but I think that his tear-down video is honest either way.

    Andrew Pitonyak Today, 12:36 PM Go to last post
    John C Bush

    floating slab mantle

    I attached a 6"x10"x60" mantel in the same fashion but used a 2x6 as the template to help with perpendicular alignment and transfer hole

    John C Bush Today, 12:06 PM Go to last post
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