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    James Jaragosky

    Rabbit owners

    Thread Starter: James Jaragosky

    Please introduce yourself. If you could also put what model machine you have, and how long you have had it That would really help. My purpose in creating this thread is so we can help support each other, Because as you all know by now, factory support for everyday problems is limited. And there...

    Last Post By: Bert Kemp Yesterday, 7:43 PM Go to last post
    Julie Moriarty

    Electric Bass Guitar Build

    Thread Starter: Julie Moriarty

    My SO wants a bass guitar. And I'm getting bored watching the lacquer cure on the other guitar. :) I took some 1:1 scaled drawings of bass guitars, glued them to 1/4" MDF, and started cutting templates. The neck and back are completed, with the exception of the neck heel. I don't want to cut...

    Last Post By: george wilson Today, 8:45 AM Go to last post
    Mike Audleman

    Something better than masking tape from HD?

    Thread Starter: Mike Audleman

    Ok, until now its all been fun and one-off projects. Now I got the idea to make up a batch of keychains for the range picnic next weekend. I wanted to cut 49 out of some 12x12 ply I had. Good plan, I thought. I first covered the entire sheet with masking tape. Wide roll. I had to put like...

    Last Post By: Mike Audleman Today, 10:39 AM Go to last post
    Joe Flores

    Access Used lasers

    Thread Starter: Joe Flores

    Hello all just want to tell you about a problem I am having with Access Used Lasers. They sold my laser per an agreement we had. Received $6000.00 deposit. After they sold the laser they did not pay me the last $6000.00. Now they are not answering my phone calls. I trusted Robert now it looks like...

    Last Post By: Josh Phelan Today, 8:38 AM Go to last post
    Peter Quinn

    Seeking Info on bow front divided light door

    Thread Starter: Peter Quinn

    I may have a job upcoming requiring bow front divided light french entry door pairs, maybe panels and glass too. Anyone ever run across any good links to methods of work for this type of thing? I have a few old theory books but can't find much in the way of real practical applications using...

    Last Post By: jack forsberg Yesterday, 2:30 PM Go to last post
    Sean Troy

    Decent square

    Thread Starter: Sean Troy

    I have two squares I've had around for a long time. I went to square up the fence on the new cross cut sled I'm trying to finish and one square says dead on the other shows 1/16th" off. I guess I could use a decent square around the shop anyway so are there any suggestions for a new one? Thanks,...

    Last Post By: Sean Troy Today, 11:49 AM Go to last post
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