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    Wayne Lomman

    How do I get this out?

    Garrett, the easiest way is to cut the legs off level with the bricks. However, you will need to give the iron left in the bricks a good coat of rust

    Wayne Lomman Today, 6:17 AM Go to last post
    david beenstock

    Xenetech stepper motor problem


    I have this problem that the Z-axis is not working correctly on my Xenetech 1625. It is not lifting between letters. (Specifically If

    david beenstock Today, 6:05 AM Go to last post
    Curtis Myers

    Keeping bandsaw blade clean?

    I use PAM or CRC-36 which is a machine surface preserver.
    i apply after I clean the blade. One does not seam any better then the other.

    Curtis Myers Today, 5:35 AM Go to last post
    Matt Day

    bandsaw advice

    Asking for "the best" without much background information is tough. Budget? Size (10"?)? New/used?

    Matt Day Today, 5:30 AM Go to last post
    Lenore Epstein

    Sharp chisels!

    Flattening convex chisel backs as a sharpening newbie left me with a lot of those kinds of cuts, especially with narrow chisels that make it hard to keep

    Lenore Epstein Today, 4:54 AM Go to last post
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