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    Kent A Bathurst

    Official 2015 MLB Thread

    Thread Starter: Kent A Bathurst

    Verlander is on the DL. Nathan is also. Porcello with the BoSox. Both Fister and Scherzer throwing for the Senators. That is the closer and 4 starters from 2 years ago; closer and 2 Cy Young starters from last year. What's that mean? Detroit is 8-1 - best record in MLB. Only one run off...

    Last Post By: Harold Burrell Today, 7:15 AM Go to last post
    David Ragan

    Best explanation for Great Pyramid(s)

    Thread Starter: David Ragan

    The Tesla thing reminded me that I saw a program that said the purpose of the tunnels in the great pyramid, and it's location over a running aquifor and location on a certain geometric magnetic line over the surface of the planet, was something along the lines of an acid was poured down the...

    Last Post By: Wade Lippman Today, 8:43 PM Go to last post
    Steve Kinnaird

    12x30 Workshop About To Become A Reality

    Thread Starter: Steve Kinnaird

    I started buying wood working tools about 3 years ago and planned on converting a 12 x 20 ft space in our 1 car garage into a workshop. Well, as we all know plans can change. My son and his 2 kids (our grandchildren) needed a place to stay after his divorce and the garage became an over stuffed...

    Last Post By: Steve Kinnaird Today, 4:02 PM Go to last post
    Derek Cohen

    Lingerie Chest started and your strategy wanted

    Thread Starter: Derek Cohen

    Some of you may recall the lingerie chest I began to plan near the end of last year. I had to put the build on hold until recently, and in the last couple of weeks I have managed to get back to it, and actively begun the build. For a refresher, here is a very basic drawing of the front...

    Last Post By: James Pallas Today, 4:15 PM Go to last post
    Harlan Barnhart

    Pencil sharpeners

    Thread Starter: Harlan Barnhart

    I am looking for a quality pencil sharpener. I once used an old cast hand cranked model that would put a point on like I have never seen before or since. Unfortunately I can't remember the brand. Does anyone have one in their shop that works exceptionally well?

    Last Post By: george wilson Today, 8:26 AM Go to last post
    Scott Shepherd

    McDonalds....will they ever get it?

    Thread Starter: Scott Shepherd

    All I ever see hear about is McDonalds is hurting, they are trying to figure out a path forward for their restaurant. I saw a commercial for their sirloin burger about 3 weeks ago and I needed a hamburger fix. I normally eat at McDonalds exactly zero times per month. I walk in, see the different...

    Last Post By: bill kaminski Today, 9:29 PM Go to last post
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