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    mike glaser

    Flooring Guy butchered my stairs. Any hope for fixing? (pics)

    Thread Starter: mike glaser

    Hi all, long time reader first time poster. I enjoy woodworking and love the challenges it brings with it. Scenerio: -We had carpeting on 22 stairs. -We wanted straight noses and straight edges all around, clean and crisp edges to give the modern look. -I knew nothing about codes (which is...

    Last Post By: Richard Wolf Today, 9:29 AM Go to last post
    mark mcfarlane

    Yet another shop build.... McFarlane

    Thread Starter: mark mcfarlane

    After a 9 month battle with the local water district over an easement, we started clearing the land for my new shop today. It was amazing to watch these guys clear the land. We had three 80-100' pine trees removed and about a dozen smaller ones. One of the tall trees was 2 feet off my...

    Last Post By: mark mcfarlane Yesterday, 4:35 PM Go to last post
    Mike Henderson

    Carved Flower Tutorial

    Thread Starter: Mike Henderson

    Let me make a few preliminary comments before starting the tutorial. When you carve an object, you're not trying to make a photographic reproduction of it - you're trying to "represent" the object, which means that you need to decide what the important aspects of the object are and make sure those...

    Last Post By: Nick Stokes Today, 12:17 PM Go to last post
    Frederick Skelly

    Anyone tried this: Peening your tenons

    Thread Starter: Frederick Skelly

    Current FWW has a full page shop tip on doing this (FWW #263, page 12). Basically, you cut a snug tenon, pound the tenon's faces gently to compress them and then put glue on it and slip it into the mortise. The author said it's a Japanese technique. Thoughts? Fred

    Last Post By: Brian Holcombe Today, 10:21 AM Go to last post
    Bob Cooper

    Debating to buy a router lift

    Thread Starter: Bob Cooper

    Currently my router -- a Milwaukee-- sits in my table saw and it serves me pretty well but I think it's time to build a dedicated router table. So I'm wondering how convenient a lift would be. I bought the current router partly because of its above the table height adjustment but I found I never...

    Last Post By: Earl Rumans Yesterday, 11:31 PM Go to last post
    Nathan Johnson

    Chopping Mortises

    Thread Starter: Nathan Johnson

    I'm currently working on my bench and chopping mortises for the stretchers in the legs. Using laminated SPF 2x4s and a 12mm bevel edge chisel. I do not own any mortise chisels. No drill press. No auger bits. So I'm asking for any tips on chopping better mortises. The chisel is square, with a 25...

    Last Post By: Nathan Johnson Yesterday, 5:26 PM Go to last post
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