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    Christopher Kurdziel

    Best Sharpening Method

    Thread Starter: Christopher Kurdziel

    I have tried multiple ways of sharpening my plane blades and chisels. Right now I have water stones 8000/4000 1000 and a dmt diamond plate (300 grit) that I use to flatten them and to establish bevels. I just got oil stones as well to try them, but i'm not getting as nice of a finish on the oil...

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    Normand Leblanc

    Plane iron clearance angle study

    Thread Starter: Normand Leblanc

    Hello, About a month ago we had a discussion on clearance angle and I said that a study was coming. So here it is. The following graph would be a nice resumé This graph is saying that a 17° clearance angle (CA) is the best and that the number of shavings is reduced linearly if the CA is...

    Last Post By: Normand Leblanc Today, 11:12 AM Go to last post
    Josh Saul

    What are the best contractor / hybrid saws in the $500 - $1K range?

    Thread Starter: Josh Saul

    For weeks now I've been trying to rehab my Grandfather's old Craftsman 113, and I've finally reached the point where I have to admit to myself that the time and money it will take to fix the badly worn innards just won't be worth it. Trust me, I've weighed my options carefully and done everything I...

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    Marty Tippin

    SawStop Sliding Crosscut Table

    Thread Starter: Marty Tippin

    I was looking at the SawStop at the local Woodcraft over the weekend and they had it set up with the SawStop sliding crosscut table attachment. http://www.sawstop.com/crosscut I pretty much fell in love with it and believe I'll have to include it when I buy my SawStop in the next few months....

    Last Post By: Rod Sheridan Today, 8:40 AM Go to last post
    Ben Rivel

    Building Your Own Oneida Realtime Filter Efficiency Gauge

    Thread Starter: Ben Rivel

    After studying the Oneida product page (LINK) and researching around the net I was able to figure out and put together the parts necessary to build my own Oneida Realtime Filter Efficiency Gauge. Its a very simple design and you can buy all the parts on your own for a lot cheaper than their kit. ...

    Last Post By: Frank Martin Yesterday, 5:00 PM Go to last post
    Wayne Lomman


    Thread Starter: Wayne Lomman

    I have finally figured out what everyone means by resawing. Here in Australia ( and I have plied my trade in most of the states) what you guys call resawing, I call ripsawing or just ripping. To me a resaw is a high production bandsaw toothed both sides of the usually 4" blade. It was power fed...

    Last Post By: Alan Lightstone Yesterday, 7:15 PM Go to last post
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