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    Julie Moriarty

    Electric Bass Guitar Build

    Thread Starter: Julie Moriarty

    My SO wants a bass guitar. And I'm getting bored watching the lacquer cure on the other guitar. :) I took some 1:1 scaled drawings of bass guitars, glued them to 1/4" MDF, and started cutting templates. The neck and back are completed, with the exception of the neck heel. I don't want to cut...

    Last Post By: Julie Moriarty Today, 1:00 PM Go to last post
    Steve Clarkson

    Let's Play "What Would You Charge"

    Thread Starter: Steve Clarkson

    Some engravers are all over the place with what they will charge to do a job.....one guy charges $1 and another charges $3. We all have our own calculation ($2/min or material cost times three, etc). If you charge too little, eventually you will go out of business. If you charge too much,...

    Last Post By: Keith Winter Today, 4:02 PM Go to last post
    Steve Kinnaird

    12x30 Workshop About To Become A Reality

    Thread Starter: Steve Kinnaird

    I started buying wood working tools about 3 years ago and planned on converting a 12 x 20 ft space in our 1 car garage into a workshop. Well, as we all know plans can change. My son and his 2 kids (our grandchildren) needed a place to stay after his divorce and the garage became an over stuffed...

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    David Ragan

    4th of July

    Thread Starter: David Ragan

    Howabout an apolitical 4th of July thread? Like, what is one thing that you mostly think about when considering the 4th? Something besides the obvious. Here's mine. With all the beating up on the French the last few decades, they deserve a huge amount of credit for helping us out with...

    Last Post By: Kent A Bathurst Yesterday, 11:32 PM Go to last post
    Keith Outten

    Laser Dark FreeStuff Drawing July 8th 2015

    Thread Starter: Keith Outten

    Lee Biddle has donated the following for a FreeStuff Drawing. The winners name will be drawn on July 8th, 2105 at noon. You must be a Contributor and post in this thread if you would like your name to be included in this drawing. Laser Dark LLC. Laser Dark set which includes: 1 Laser...

    Last Post By: Neil Pabia Today, 5:45 PM Go to last post
    Julie Moriarty

    Cleaning Hand Stitched Rasps

    Thread Starter: Julie Moriarty

    I have two Auriou rasps I used to shape some Gabon ebony. Now many of the stitches are clogged with ebony. With most woods, I can tap the tool on the bench or take a stiff brush and that clears the waste out. But not with this wood. How do you clean out the stitches without clearing each one...

    Last Post By: Julie Moriarty Today, 1:06 PM Go to last post
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