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    Malcolm Schweizer

    ALWAYS carry a knife

    Thread Starter: Malcolm Schweizer

    I grew up being taught that you always carry a knife. I am frequently called upon to do light rigging work, and I sail a lot, so my knife of choice these days is a Myerchin rigging knife with a Marlin spike. One such job was helping rig some displays at the children's museum that just opened....

    Last Post By: Leo Graywacz Yesterday, 7:51 PM Go to last post
    Rich Riddle

    I Hate ________ The Most. Fill in the Blank.

    Thread Starter: Rich Riddle

    As it relates to houses, painting. I actually preferred digging post holes by hand in 95 degree heat the other day to painting inside an air conditioned home. All the prep work and painting is a pain in the neck, literally.

    Last Post By: Raymond Fries Today, 2:33 PM Go to last post
    Normand Leblanc

    Plane iron clearance angle study

    Thread Starter: Normand Leblanc

    Hello, About a month ago we had a discussion on clearance angle and I said that a study was coming. So here it is. The following graph would be a nice resumé This graph is saying that a 17° clearance angle (CA) is the best and that the number of shavings is reduced linearly if the CA is...

    Last Post By: Patrick Chase Today, 2:32 PM Go to last post
    Brad Roof

    Aldi chisels

    Thread Starter: Brad Roof

    I picked up a set of the Aldi work zone chisels last week and worked them up quickly. Most of the backs had a slight hallow so that was nice.....I used 150 grit sand paper for flattening the backs...from there I used a standard process of a soft oil stone, hard black, and MDF strop with green...

    Last Post By: Josh Nelson Yesterday, 8:38 PM Go to last post
    Adam Stevens2


    Thread Starter: Adam Stevens2

    Yes, I know, search function - however, I am interested in general opinions and information about what you all have in your shop and what you use them for. I'm interested in getting a spokeshave for 'general spokeshave-y work', but there seem to be a million different kinds. So I thought it might...

    Last Post By: lowell holmes Today, 2:10 PM Go to last post
    david privett

    getting my first saw mill

    Thread Starter: david privett

    I am getting a band sawmill on a trailer , I have never used one, watched several being used , so I was asking the guy who is making it about the lubricant for the blade he said just water, I have heard of using diesel and dish soap with water is there a commercial product for this? or am I...

    Last Post By: david privett Today, 8:49 AM Go to last post
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