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    2. Simpy Heinz (Votes: 10)

    3. Del Monte (Votes: 3)

    4. Hunts (Votes: 11)

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    steven c newman

    Just playing around with my tools..

    Awaiting a finish...

    Might just get a coat of BLO for now...

    steven c newman Today, 9:35 AM Go to last post
    Mark Blatter

    A Big One

    When I was in high school, I worked for a summer at local produce wholesaler. We arrived at work at 5 a.m. and started out sorting potatoes. We would

    Mark Blatter Today, 9:31 AM Go to last post
    Charles Lent

    ZCI Chipping on Unisaw

    That looks like blade wobble to me too. Is it a standard 1/8" kerf blade? I've seen this when using the narrow kerf blades. A pair of blade stabilizer

    Charles Lent Today, 9:29 AM Go to last post
    Mark Blatter

    4th of July

    Two thoughts.

    1. Washington is one of the most underrated generals and characters from history. Who today (this is not meant to be political

    Mark Blatter Today, 9:24 AM Go to last post
    Erik Loza

    TV Speakers for the hard of hearing?

    My brother speaks highly of those wireless headphones, too. I think he has Bose brand. He does not have hearing issues but works odd hours and does not

    Erik Loza Today, 9:23 AM Go to last post
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