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    Walt Caza

    The Great Morris Chair project

    Thread Starter: Walt Caza

    Good Day to the Creek, Please allow me to lay out the who, what, where, why, when and how... This is an invitation to all Creekers: Gary Zimmel and Walt Caza cordially invite you to join us in a remote build of a classic furniture project. We are each going to build the same Morris chair...

    Last Post By: Gene Davis Yesterday, 9:10 PM Go to last post
    Roger Chandler

    G0766 22 X 42 lathe - Ordered!

    Thread Starter: Roger Chandler

    Well, just as a follow up to the other thread......I just pulled the trigger on the new G0766 :o:D Not trying to be the first or anything like that, but feel like this will serve me well for years to come, and is likely the best value in a large lathe on the market today. While one can see it...

    Last Post By: Roger Chandler Today, 11:05 AM Go to last post
    Mike Holbrook

    Calipers, Digital Dial?

    Thread Starter: Mike Holbrook

    The chair making classes I have taken so far have tested round straight and tapered tenons for correct size with a ruler or simple mechanical calipers. I had a hard time telling how much more needed to be removed by trying to fit a mechanical caliper over the tenons I was turning on a lathe. There...

    Last Post By: Winton Applegate Today, 1:30 AM Go to last post
    Jim Koepke

    Building Potting Benches

    Thread Starter: Jim Koepke

    A member asked me to post more information on my potting bench build after seeing my recent post about using a story stick for building two more potting benches. The benches seem to sell well at our local farmers market. Last year we did have a couple of times where two could have been sold if...

    Last Post By: Stew Denton Yesterday, 11:04 PM Go to last post
    Mark Blatter

    Router Lift Suggestions

    Thread Starter: Mark Blatter

    I am looking to add a router lift to my shop built router table. I searched through the various posts on SMC as well as read some reviews on the web, but thought getting suggestions direct would be helpful. I have a PC 7518 and love it. My top is a shop built out of double thick 3/4" Baltic...

    Last Post By: Mark Blatter Today, 11:31 AM Go to last post
    Mike Holbrook

    Nova, Jet or Oneway?

    Thread Starter: Mike Holbrook

    So I have been studying on lathes for a few weeks now, making some posts here and on the Neander forum. I am making chairs, Welsh Stick Chairs and Windsors. I have been calculating on what work I can/could do with hand tools and where I might be able to use a lathe. I am finding out that just about...

    Last Post By: Mike Holbrook Today, 6:28 PM Go to last post
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    Mike Holbrook

    Nova, Jet or Oneway?

    The Woodcraft guy told me the frames/bodies are made in NZ and some of the wiring and motor/parts are from US, but he may have been working from old or

    Mike Holbrook Today, 6:28 PM Go to last post
    Rick Johnston

    Sanders - hand type

    Considering a finishing sander like a porter cable 330. I have a pneumatic 6" Palm and a 5" angle porter cable random orbital.
    I was

    Rick Johnston Today, 6:22 PM Go to last post
    John Sanford

    New LV Marking Tool

    It's real, it was on the site last week, I was looking at it. Looks to be a finely made tool, but strikes me as one of those higher priced boutique solutions.

    John Sanford Today, 6:22 PM Go to last post
    Mel Fulks

    Veneer seams opening

    I think they took that step off the label simply because it might have seemed an annoyance to customers reading labels
    in store and wanting "quickest"

    Mel Fulks Today, 6:21 PM Go to last post
    daryl moses

    Anyone burn out a large in-ground stump?

    Never had much luck trying to burn them although I have tried many times.
    Quickest way I've found other than a stump grinder is to simply cut them

    daryl moses Today, 6:12 PM Go to last post
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