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    What to use for mitre bar stock? (Votes: 74)

    1. Anything other than $40 worth of Incra mitre bars is not worthy of your crosscut sled. (Votes: 6)

    2. Not worth $40, but you really should take the time to drill/tap steel bars for your sled. (Votes: 13)

    3. Run what you brung, square the sled to the blade, shoot some brads, countersink, move on. (Votes: 41)

    4. You are over-thinking this in a big way. Nothing to see here, move along. (Votes: 11)

    5. Carrots and peas. (Votes: 3)

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    Mike vonBuelow

    Large bed laser

    Roseville here - I have a Mercury with pass-thru doors that should fit the wood if the design is not a single piece of design

    Mike vonBuelow Today, 6:56 PM Go to last post
    Keith Hankins

    Carters Bandsaw Guides

    I restored a 37 delta 14' BS and got the carter guides. I have it set up with a small blade for doing curves and leave the 17" for resaw. I have

    Keith Hankins Today, 6:50 PM Go to last post
    Doug Herzberg

    Max diameter for end grain boxes?

    Dan, I've done pine vases up to 10 or 12" and they seem pretty stable. The largest box I've done was about 5" but I just haven't had a reason

    Doug Herzberg Today, 6:47 PM Go to last post
    steven c newman

    Ohio Tool Co. #81: Updated

    A while back, picked a Try plane. wasn't all that bad a shape. Cleaned to old finish off, planed the sole flat. Sharpened the iron up. Gave it an

    steven c newman Today, 6:46 PM Go to last post
    Phil Stone

    Has anyone put a dog on top of leg vise?

    As the subject says, has anyone made a leg vise with a (adjustable height/removable) dog on top of the chop? This is a fairly common design for end/face

    Phil Stone Today, 6:40 PM Go to last post
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