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    Scott T Smith

    A very uncommon project....

    Thread Starter: Scott T Smith

    I'm not sure that the following could be construed as "General" woodworking, but it does involve some heavy duty "power tools" and it certainly involves both "wood" and "work"! As many of my fellow SMC members are aware, I have a sawmill and kiln drying operation on my farm. Recently, my farm...

    Last Post By: Bruce Wrenn Yesterday, 11:03 PM Go to last post
    Ole Anderson

    Upside down receptacles?

    Thread Starter: Ole Anderson

    In my wife's hospital room a few weeks ago I noticed these receptacles: I was always taught that the ground plug should be on the bottom. To me any other way just looks wrong. Hospitals often require one of the highest level of commercial work. 12 outlets and none of them being used! Please...

    Last Post By: Jerome Stanek Today, 1:37 PM Go to last post
    Roger Chandler

    New model- G0766 [Upgrade possible!]

    Thread Starter: Roger Chandler

    Well.........my 2015 Grizzly catalog arrived today........been looking forward to getting it, because, for a few weeks, without any specific knowledge about it, I just had this inner feeling that there might be a new lathe model this year.........nah, maybe just a thought, but wait maybe that...

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    Brian Henderson

    Dust is dangerous

    Thread Starter: Brian Henderson

    I ended up getting into a discussion over on YouTube on a video of Adam Savage, of Mythbusters fame, doing woodworking. He was grinding down LDF, which he said had no formaldehyde, and making tons and tons of sawdust with no dust collection and no mask. I pointed out that it was dangerous to do,...

    Last Post By: Alex Stace Today, 4:16 PM Go to last post
    Nick Coffelt

    Best Cabinet Saw for less than $2,000

    Thread Starter: Nick Coffelt

    Hello, I'm curious what everyone's thoughts are for the best cabinet table saw for under $2,000. My requirements are mostly general and begginning to intermediate wood working. I enjoy making furniture (nothing overly complex) and cut a lot of rough saw stuff (have a lot of trees that I have...

    Last Post By: Harold Weaver Today, 3:33 PM Go to last post
    Chris Hachet

    The only sharpening question we have not asked yet at the creek....

    Thread Starter: Chris Hachet

    So I like to strop when I sharpen, I find it helpful. Also, I use leather to strop. I have a vegan friend who is an animal rights activist who does not want to use leather to strop with on moral grounds. What is the best non animal product to suggest in the place of leather? Chris

    Last Post By: Brian Holcombe Today, 10:47 AM Go to last post