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    How Do You Handle Mistakes (Votes: 13)

    1. It depends on purpose, client, use, etc. (Votes: 5)

    2. Repair if possible or necessary. (Votes: 11)

    3. Conceal the mistake and keep quiet. (Votes: 1)

    4. Start over. (Votes: 2)

    5. If it doesn’t weaken or make it ugly, let it go. (Votes: 3)

    6. Leave as reminder to pay attention next time. (Votes: 2)

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    James Nugent 246

    Saw Blade Storage

    Nice design. If the edges are sharp you could put the places into old record sleeves.

    James Nugent 246 Today, 6:11 AM Go to last post
    James Nugent 246

    SuperNova II Ball Ended Key Problems?

    I replaced mine after the handle split with an allen wrench. Better quality and i can use the short arm for more leverage when tightening.

    James Nugent 246 Today, 6:07 AM Go to last post
    Nick Decker

    I Just got a Cell Phone

    Go to your state's website and find the highway/transportation department. They'll probably send you a highway map for free. Missouri does.

    Nick Decker Today, 5:30 AM Go to last post
    Jim Koepke

    Objectifying edge quality

    For me sharp is when only one row of angles are able to dance on the edge. When it gets a bit dull they can dance in two rows or more.


    Jim Koepke Today, 3:27 AM Go to last post
    Doug Garson

    Wood for bandsaw reindeer

    Or cedar, I wonder if they are related?

    Doug Garson Today, 2:54 AM Go to last post
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