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    Hasin Haroon

    Veritas Shooting Plane quite a bit out of square. How important is this?

    Thread Starter: Hasin Haroon

    Allow me to preface this post by saying this is not meant to be a post hating on Veritas tools or their commitment to quality at all - I have purchased almost all of the planes they offer (I'm not particularly affluent, so this means I need to save up/sell other tools to be able to afford them) and...

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    Jefferey Scott

    Oklahoma Homestead 40x80x16

    Thread Starter: Jefferey Scott

    Hey guys, I'm in the early planning stages for a workshop that will be used as both a woodworking shop and a metal fabrication shop. I'm trying to figure out how much lighting I can afford to put in and have a rough floorplan with 21 - 4 foot 4 bulb high bay fluorescent fixtures (at about $60 a...

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    Paul K. Johnson

    About Table Saws

    Thread Starter: Paul K. Johnson

    I'm working this all out and have been thinking about it for several years. I've considered the PM1000 but I'm afraid I might regret not going with a 3 hp machine. All I've ever used is my DeWalt contractor saw and several miniature table saws meant for model-builders including a Microlux and a...

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    Larry Frank

    Oneida "Smart" Dust Collector

    Thread Starter: Larry Frank

    I am looking to upgrade my dust collector to a 3 hp cyclone type. As others have commented, there are a lot of different options. I also found that there is a lack of believable data that the mfg post on their machines. I plan on running 6" duct to my larger machines and close to the machines...

    Last Post By: Len Rosenberg Today, 5:06 AM Go to last post
    Jerry Olexa

    Best wood for chisel handles? Glue 2 blanks OK?

    Thread Starter: Jerry Olexa

    Ready to do a batch of 20 socket chisels and make new handles..I know this has been discussed before but what is your preferred wood for making the handles,,I've seen everything reco'd from ash, walnut, rosewood etc to elm...What are your preferred choices? Also, if thicker stock not available...

    Last Post By: Jerry Olexa Today, 12:02 PM Go to last post
    dirk martin

    What's workmans comp gonna cost me?

    Thread Starter: dirk martin

    Right now I'm a one man shop. I cut and sell wood of all shapes and sizes, over the web, all over the world. I use a table saw, bandsaw, chop saw, and wide belt sander, daily, to fill my orders. When I cannot handle orders, I outsource work to my nephew, in another state. He has a full...

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