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    David Falkner

    2nd Build (first) - CNC Router

    Thread Starter: David Falkner

    Building my 2nd CNC first, I hope. I have been researching for over a year, read a thousand threads and articles, and am hopefully building my 'second machine' for my first. There is still a ton to learn and that process will probably never stop. Of this I am certain, I will be in new territory...

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    Cody Armstrong

    Need advise on pricing Northfield jointer.

    Thread Starter: Cody Armstrong

    Hello all. I really need advise on pricing a used but like new 12" heavy duty Northfield jointer. Ebay seller is asking $8000.00 O.B.O. This may be a members listing so sorry if it is. Hope it's ok to link this to ebay listing. Mods I apologize if it is against forum rules. eBay item#...

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    Robert Hartmann

    What size plane for a 7 yr old?

    Thread Starter: Robert Hartmann

    I have a soon to be 7 yr old son that loves woodworking. To date it's mostly just drilling holes with a MF No 3 I restored for him and sawing with the Veritas Dovetail and Small Carcass saws I bought for him and his older brother. He's also done some work with my rasps and chisels (with close...

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    Ray Selinger

    Blades and Frogs

    Thread Starter: Ray Selinger

    As I'm tuning up a couple of planes, I noticed something.One of the first mentioned tune-ups is flattening the frog face . I use a file, but I've done a fair bit of filing in my work. OK,fine. But what about the blade. Nobody seems to mention the flatness of the blade. I'm using the word blade, but...

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    Brian Holcombe

    Making Shoji

    Thread Starter: Brian Holcombe

    Good morning, in today's post I detail the process of making shoji screens to cover my bathroom window. When my wife asked me replace the blinds on our bathroom windows she did not quite expect this. :D https://brianholcombewoodworker.com/2016/10/25/making-shoji/

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    Stewie Simpson

    Left hand shooting plane.

    Thread Starter: Stewie Simpson

    I have some boxes up shortly for some newly acquired honing stones. A good time to clean up and resharpen this left hand shooting plane I made about 7 years ago. It didn't quite turn out the way I had initially intended with the wedge abutments, but it was my 1st attempt at a skew mouth. The skew...

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