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    Hilton Ralphs

    Calipers, Digital Dial?

    Digital vs Dial.

    I have both varieties in Vernier Callipers and Dial Indicators. Some old school people swear by the dial callipers as the

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    Hilton Ralphs

    Router Plane - Open or Closed Throat

    I didn't buy any additional blades. Once I work out what I need, I'll ask customer service to give me batch price as per Rob's suggestion.

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    Mike Lysov

    New Shenhui Laser

    If your laser has come with both beans aligned at the factory I would never try testing by removing one tube. It will take a lot of time to align two

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    Mike Lysov

    New Shenhui Laser

    When you say "test" what exactly do you testing?
    If you need align two beans or measure a tube power you can block one bean path with

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    Mike Lysov

    Dead Zing

    I think that is really gross what they are asking for a motherboard. It should not cost them more than $100-200

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