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    Reinis Kanders

    Tail vise options: inset vise vs wagon vise?

    I have Veritas quick release tail vise. Very useful, more than I originally expected. I put my benchdogs only an inch from the edge and I can do a lot

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    george wilson

    Sharp chisels!

    Super glues were made so water was a hardening agent. My favorite is whatever the grocery store stocks!! Really,for minor cuts,they all have worked

    george wilson Today, 7:53 PM Go to last post
    george wilson

    About a year ago . . .

    I enjoy the testing of steel in chisels articles that they have done 2 of,several months apart. HOWEVER,the 2 series of tests had VERY different results!!

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    george wilson

    First DIY plane

    Your plane will work o.k. with the wood grain oriented as it is. But,for best wear and less possible warping,the growth rings need to be rotated 90 degrees,with

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    Stew Denton

    Busy day today

    Hey Steven,

    On the rust hunt......Ya Did Good! $2.......Not bad, Not bad at all! Yep, keep us up with your progress, the chair is definitely

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