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    Patrick Chase

    Objectifying edge quality

    So fundamentally pointless, though. At

    Patrick Chase Today, 2:26 AM Go to last post
    Patrick Chase

    Objectifying edge quality

    Yeah, your implied point that one can easily go overboard with this stuff is right on the money. If I were going to measure sharpness (I probably won't)

    Patrick Chase Today, 2:23 AM Go to last post
    Jerry Miner

    Wood for bandsaw reindeer

    I've made reindeer successfully with pine and cherry. I think you can use whatever species you have available. Here's a (poor) pic of a set from cherry:

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    Jerry Miner

    Setting Replacement Planer Knives - DW735

    I've been using a 735 for years, and have replaced the knives many many times, from at least three different sources, including DeWalt. My experience

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    Steve Kang

    Objectifying edge quality

    For me it's electrostatic shavings, the type that stick to you straight out of the plane. There's something neat about cutting so fine one force of physics

    Steve Kang Today, 12:54 AM Go to last post
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