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    Christopher Kurdziel

    Best Sharpening Method

    Thread Starter: Christopher Kurdziel

    I have tried multiple ways of sharpening my plane blades and chisels. Right now I have water stones 8000/4000 1000 and a dmt diamond plate (300 grit) that I use to flatten them and to establish bevels. I just got oil stones as well to try them, but i'm not getting as nice of a finish on the oil...

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    Normand Leblanc

    Plane iron clearance angle study

    Thread Starter: Normand Leblanc

    Hello, About a month ago we had a discussion on clearance angle and I said that a study was coming. So here it is. The following graph would be a nice resumť This graph is saying that a 17į clearance angle (CA) is the best and that the number of shavings is reduced linearly if the CA is...

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    Rich Riddle

    I Hate ________ The Most. Fill in the Blank.

    Thread Starter: Rich Riddle

    As it relates to houses, painting. I actually preferred digging post holes by hand in 95 degree heat the other day to painting inside an air conditioned home. All the prep work and painting is a pain in the neck, literally.

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    Brad Roof

    Aldi chisels

    Thread Starter: Brad Roof

    I picked up a set of the Aldi work zone chisels last week and worked them up quickly. Most of the backs had a slight hallow so that was nice.....I used 150 grit sand paper for flattening the backs...from there I used a standard process of a soft oil stone, hard black, and MDF strop with green...

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    Matt Knights

    The question of the saw nib.

    Thread Starter: Matt Knights

    So as we all know there is an uncertainty as to what the nib on the end of the saw plate was actually used for, some say decoration, other say to secure a batten in to which the teeth sat to protect them. Well while surfing youtube this morning I found a gent who calls himself Mr Chickadee, he...

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    Adam Stevens2


    Thread Starter: Adam Stevens2

    Yes, I know, search function - however, I am interested in general opinions and information about what you all have in your shop and what you use them for. I'm interested in getting a spokeshave for 'general spokeshave-y work', but there seem to be a million different kinds. So I thought it might...

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