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    george wilson

    Why don't you use ceramic stones?

    Thread Starter: george wilson

    Maybe I got lucky. My flattening of the White stone took about an hour,using a used diamond stone. It was slightly out of flat,and had a fuzzy spot of ceramic that had to go. I have seen pictures of "sawn" looking ceramic stones by Spyderco(my brand),but haven't encountered one personally. I got...

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    Mike Cherry

    Shapton 8000k stone questions

    Thread Starter: Mike Cherry

    I have been getting mixed results from this stone and as a beginner I'm not sure what to make of it. When I hone the bevel on a plane or chisel on this stone it leave a beautiful mirror polish. The backs of chisels and plane blades,however, are reflective but more what I would call cloudy. Now I...

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    Dan Wilhelm

    Restoring a Mini 24

    Thread Starter: Dan Wilhelm

    I've recently acquired an Epilog Mini 24, 40W laser cutter that has had a fire in the cutting chamber. I'd like to try to restore it to a usable state, but it needs some significant restoration. Once I got a lot of the burned crap out and most of the fire extinguisher residue cleaned up, I put...

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    Sean McCurdy

    What oil do you use to wipe your tools?

    Thread Starter: Sean McCurdy

    As the thread says, looking to see what oils you guys use on your hand tools. Do you use the same for all the tools? How do you apply it? Do you instead prefer using the anti-corrosive inhibitors such as LV sells in conjunction with a chest? I'm a hybrid worker, still relatively new to adding...

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    Harold Burrell

    I know, you can never have too many, but...

    Thread Starter: Harold Burrell

    ...I think I am at least heading in that direction. And this is just what I plan on keeping. (BTW...my wife and I blame all of you all.) ;)

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    Tim Bateson

    Anodized Gun Parts Fading

    Thread Starter: Tim Bateson

    I've engraved - "marked" a number of gun parts. It comes out a brilliant white - as it should. However I have one customer for whom I've had to re-run the markings. Seems the marks are fading when left in the sun. Is this normal or as my guess would be the anodization isn't hard enough?...

    Last Post By: Kev Williams Yesterday, 1:06 PM Go to last post