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    Brian Elfert

    Buying a house is so frustrating!

    Thread Starter: Brian Elfert

    I'm trying to buy a house, but any decent inexpensive houses are selling like hotcakes. I was supposed to go look at a house with a 40x80 outbuilding tomorrow, but it sold already. (Priced at $199,000 and the building alone is probably $100,000 to replace.) There are quite literally zero houses...

    Last Post By: Mike Chance in Iowa Yesterday, 1:51 PM Go to last post
    Phil Thien

    Can't we leave the TP alone?

    Thread Starter: Phil Thien

    http://www.jsonline.com/business/when-you-gotta-go-toilet-paper-maker-ditches-the-tube-b99337680z1-272647141.html They're beginning to make toilet paper with no center cardboard roll. They claim environmental benefits (last time I checked the center rolls were biodegradable and the basis for a...

    Last Post By: Brian Elfert Today, 8:46 AM Go to last post
    daniel lane

    Jointer question for the transitional neanderthal

    Thread Starter: daniel lane

    Okay, I admit it - I'm actually a transitional neanderthal, what with having a complement of power tools alongside my ATC full of hand tools. I enjoy the hand tools, but I'm slow with them, and sometimes it's not fun to use them when the old neck injury is acting up (pressure on nerves = pain +...

    Last Post By: Fitzhugh Freeman Yesterday, 5:26 PM Go to last post
    Russ Ambrose

    quick electrical question

    Thread Starter: Russ Ambrose

    getting ready to wire the new shop and have a quick (hopefully) question. i understand that 10-3 wire is generally used to facilitate a 30 amp circuit, but is there any reason (code or safety) that i couldn't run 10-3 wire but instead use a 20 amp breaker and 20 amp plug? i only need 20 amp...

    Last Post By: Rollie Meyers Today, 12:58 AM Go to last post
    Anthony Scott

    Everything is rusting in my shop!

    Thread Starter: Anthony Scott

    This season has been very wet here in MI. This is the first time since I have moved here that I have actually had rust on my TS top. Now I have noticed it on router bits, etc. Sometimes in the morning I can actually see a little condensation on the TS top. My shop is a detached garage with a...

    Last Post By: John Petsche Yesterday, 8:53 PM Go to last post
    Rich Engelhardt

    How early is too early to work outside?

    Thread Starter: Rich Engelhardt

    I have quite a bit of routing I want to get done. I usually roll my router table out into the driveway to use it. I don't want to cause a neighborhood disturbance with the whine, but, I also don't want to get stuck out in the direct sun in the heat of the day (temperature is forecast to be near...

    Last Post By: Frank Drew Yesterday, 3:35 PM Go to last post
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