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Thread: Delta 43-431 or 43-445 HD Shaper

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    Delta 43-431 or 43-445 HD Shaper

    Ok, I got one of these shapers some time ago, NO SPINDLE but had the router bit spindle and several collets. Being an old woodworking machine afficianado, I thought Delta would have kept using the tried and true shaper spindles, but no, I find not on these machines. The taper on the spindle is longer. AND wonderfully, Delta has discontinued the 3/4" standard spindle for this machine (Thanks Black and Decker!) SO, does anyone know of any of the imports that use this same taper OR does anyone have a spare 3/4" spindle they want to part with. (doubt it) Otherwise my only other option is to buy the extra long 3/4" spindle and go with that.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Go over to the OWWM website and post in the BOYD section. I believe I saw someome making one from scratch or machining one from a Grizzly part. They might make you one for a little bit of dough.

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    Thanks, but I don't think that was for the LONG tapered spindles. These are definitely odd balls.....

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