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Thread: Good bye to my old shop!

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    Good bye to my old shop!

    I moved to a new house and I had to leave behind my old cozy shop. In the new place, I'll have to start all over again. I'm making the drawings of the new toolshop at this moment. The old one was like a two stories shed of 8 x 12 feet. It had the shape of a barn and I made it out of wood.

    In the new house I'm going to build a 14 by 25 feet single storied shop with windows in front. I had to cut on expenses and it will not be wood anymore, but I'll have enough space for a while.

    The building has been designed to be expanded to 2 stories in the future, whenever it has to grow.

    I'm excited about the construction, which is starting this weekend. I hope it will be finished in about a month. During this time, the owners of my old house let me continue in my old shop until I move.

    So, new house, new shop, new move and new beginnings! I'll send pics later on!

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    Sorry about the need for a move, Mauricio, but I am excited to see what you do with the new place! You are a talented individual and will come out of this OK. Good luck, and looking forward to the pics!!

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    Mauricio - I am excited for you! New house and you get to build a new shop! How cool is that! The neat thing about building a new shop is you know what worked in your old one and what you can do to improve the new one! Sounds like it is going to be a lot bigger than the old one - so that is a good thing already!

    Looking forward to seeing the photos!

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    Hope construction goes well, and that back up and running soon. That's really cool that you were able to make arrangements to use your old shop in the meantime.

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    Sounds pretty nice with a new house and a brand new shop. Make sure you post pic's.

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    Good luck building your new shop Mauricio. Hope the construction goes well, and you can build it exactly the way you want it. Have built four shops and almost wish I could be there to help you. Almost, but not quite. Too much work now.
    Richard in Wimberley

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    I finished the drawings yesterday and I'm hiring the contractors and buying the materials today. It's exciting to build a new shop according to what I need. When I build the first one I thought it was going to be big enough for a hobbie. I quickly realized that it was not...! It has been a 5 year search in the woodworking world of what I really like to do... woodturning!

    Thanks for your comments and best wishes. When you come to Costa Rica please make sure to step by! At least I'll have some Costa Rican coffe and/or some really cold beers!

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