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Thread: Drill press crank table retrofit

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    Drill press crank table retrofit

    I have an old Craftsman drill press that performs fine until I need to raise the table. It doesn't have a geared crank and it is a nightmare to raise. Lowering is no problem...just loosen and stand back.

    Is it possible and cost effective to replace my table with a crank type table and add the verticle toothed piece to the column?

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    Easy Riser (if they are still around . . . .)
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    It is all up to finding a similar column diameter in a fairly cheap machine.

    CL might be the route to go.
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    Some have put a heavy weight down the column, a pulley at the top and a wire to connect to the table, creating a counterweight system that makes moving the table easier.

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    I cannot claim credit for this, but when I saw that HF had it on sale for 50% off ($15 total) I couldn't resist. Once I put my drill press table on, the thing was a bear to adjust up. That is no longer a problem.

    It sure isn't about looks, but it definitely functions VERY well!!

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    I have an electric one of those from an old camper I've thought about adapting. Whenever I actually find a new DP to buy I might do it!

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    That looks like it would do the trick. I did a quick search and found a distributer in Australia here: but it looks like they don't ship to the US. I can't find a domestic supplier. I guess I could try cobbling together something similar using pieces and parts laying around. Or, break open the piggy bank and get that cool Jet DP I've drooling over.

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    For the "benchtop" drill presses

    A $10 bottle jack works just fine. I have a discontinued Delta radial arm drill press. The table was okay to move 'til I put a table on it. Then it was impossible. A bottle jack works fine. This wouldn't work on a floor standing DP of course. The trailer jack is a clever idea.

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    Here is what I did with the old Craftsman drill press.

    It has been working and doing just fine for a long time now and I did not have to do anything but put the jack under it.


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    The counterweight-in-column idea is pretty slick.

    Simpler/cheaper (than storebought) would be a gas strut; Mcmaster has them.

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