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Thread: Power Tool Stand Plan

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    Question Power Tool Stand Plan

    I have seen several tool stands for planers, sanders, or such that use a clever lift for a wheeled base. When the user has the stand where it is needed, a simple mechanism lifts the wheels and the stand is solidly supported. If I remember correctly, the wheels at one end remain on the floor while the wheels on the other end are lifted. Given this brief and admittedly sketchy description, does anyone know where I might find such plans?

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    You can put a mobile base under any cabinet or stand or build the stand around the base to give it a more finished look. Rockler and other vendors have these kinds of bases. Rockler even sells the front caster separately. You could attach it to any stand with wheels. Here's the rockler link.


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    I don't know where you can find plans, but here's a couple different setups I have bookmarked from youtube.

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    A friend of mine (Craig Dols) and I built this mobile base for about $12, and it works pretty well. You can see pics in his original thread here:

    The basics of this current design are a frame sized to fit your tool, with plywood corners underneath that. The tool legs sit in the corners, and the corners rest flat on the ground. Casters are attached to hinged supports that swing up out of the way when you're not actually moving the thing around.

    When you want to move the tool you press down on the wooden bar with your foot (moves easily) and that forces the hinged supports down, pressing the casters to the floor and lifting your assembly up onto the casters. You then roll the whole thing around, and then release the wooden bar. This allows the hinged support to swing back upwards and the tool rests firmly on your floor again.

    1. Four 6" triangles of 0.5" plywood. (Scrap, Free)
    2. Four casters, two of which should be rotating and two fixed. Put the fixed ones on the back piece of hinged material, the one which your lever arm will push down first. Fixed casters on this back piece make the lever arm work MUCH more smoothly. Since you don't need locking casters or anything particularly fancy unless your floor is very uneven, these can be pretty cheap. ($2.50 each @ the Borg).
    3. Four hinges. We used leftover hinges from some door replacement projects. (Scrap, Free)
    4. Seven short lengths of machined 2x4's. We bought cheap 4' cutoffs at the Borg bargain bin (check in the back of the lumber department) for 50 cents each and then machined them all flat and straight. ($0.51 each)
    5. Our assembly was put together with Kreg screws. ($1.00?)

    If you have questions shoot either of us a line and we can help out.
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