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Thread: Need Plans for Router Attachment

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    Need Plans for Router Attachment

    Does anyone have any plans for a router attachment to put on a lathe?
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    I have a Router crafter (no longer made) but it is a hand turned "lathe" with the router as the cutting source - works very well. Don't know why they quit making them. here are a couple pictures of legs that I made with mine.
    There is an english company that makes what is called a routerlathe (same thing) - search google for router lathe or send me an email and I can forward you a pdf from them.
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    No help here, Christopher but very interested in what turns up!

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    Christopher, What type of attachment are you looking for? One that will let you do fluting and other indexed cuts? There are a few out there on the internet if you put in a search for shopmade router jig for lathe. If you want it to do spiralling cuts it will have to be a mutiple movement jig with either a handle or small gear motor to turn the spindle and have a gear that moves the router along at the same time. There are plans for one in Vol. 20 Issue 115 of Shopnotes magazine that lets you do a lot with a router. It is basically a Beall pen Wizard for larger spindles. It may not be what you are looking for as it is a stand alone item. But a basic one for fluting is easy as it is just a support that the router will ride on and keeps the router centered on the spindle and then has one end or both adjustable up and down to follow the taper of a leg or something.

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    I found this video Googling as Jeff said. It's a nice approach to fluting.

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    It would help if I understood what you want to do with it. You can flute with just a simple box over your lathe with a cut out that fits a brass router bushing. You can check out PSI or MLCS..they have a new jig for fluting . You can spiral with the routercrafter. I believe Trend in England now makes this unit. Good luck

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    I think the Legacy is still being made. It's a stand alone unit, and really expensive, but it's a router and lathe combination.
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    Thanks everyone I got some info from your posts that helped me in my search. I plan to start with just fluting but go for more later. I had seen the Woodtreks video but need to get a bit more detail to build the attachment. Remember, I'm not a seasoned woodworker. I do want to build rather than buy. Thanks again all.
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    The book Router Magic has plans for a build-it-yourself router lathe - along with many other great router jigs and fixtures.
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