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Thread: "old money"

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    enjoyed reviewing this....
    Sawdust is some of the best learning material!

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    another weeks work......pretty subtle difference.

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    you can kinda see how the holograms work in this shot. its really just glare but its the best i could do.

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    ok..last picture of this puppy.....i give up. i'm going snowboarding for awhile. pretty burnt out after 2 years of nonstop work.

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    The psychology of these things is interesting . Beautiful stuff to US residents ,but different from seeing our money.Enjoy the rest. When will we see something international ? maybe WOODEN vomit!

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    mel...look at the thread....plenty of American money. this was a one off for a gallery in canada. i live on the east end of long island.

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    I'm watching and admiring all the posts and sharing them with my family.I was just carving some artificial humor with less than sharp tools.

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    thanks mel. the psychology of money is interesting ......and some of it is very visually exciting too. i might do some chinese someday.

  9. Hi my name is Margie. My husband Jerry and I are gathering a few things to start learning to carve. I'm reading posts to see what I can about carving so continue to post with pictures. Very helpful. i want mainly to do chip carving and he is interested in learning Love Spoon carving. We're both disabled so large projects are out. He's a Vietnam vet who now needs something to keep him occupied. Our knives and strops have arrived as have his sharpening stones. I'm waiting on my ceramic stones. Hope to start carving soon. Found out last night Kansas City has a Wood Craft store. Went there today and they were very helpful,even have us information a local wood carving group. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    margie....very pleased to meet you. my advice to you is start by enjoying the carving...not the product. what i mean is the act of carving can be very satisfying all by itself. don't pay too much attention to the final outcome at first. learn to keep your tools as sharp as possible. it makes ALL the difference. if i use a tool for five minutes i give it a quick tune up. after you feel comfortable with the tools pick some simple designs and go for it. now you have the physical enjoyment of carving and the satisfaction of creating. anything i can do to help along the way ...please ask. joining a group can be very helpful.

    good luck.....make a pile of wood chips!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Ring View Post
    enjoyed reviewing this....
    thanks brent......i lived in utah for six years......loved it.

  12. Sounds like Good advice. I've got a line on a carving group in our area. They are having a show a week from Friday so we are going.

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    here's a sculpture i do every year (not exactly the same). its for a charity auction. they give all the artists except me a cigar box to make "art" out of.

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    continuing with the cigar box idea.....

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    Cigar Box


    That is one fine looking box. It should bring out some nice bids.



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