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Thread: "old money"

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    i went to visit this piece at the opening of the show its in. a mind blowing collection of great paintings. i was quite honored to be included.

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    That's incredible.....You must know who the Italian carver is that does a lot of carving like you did. He does jackets, shirts, furniture & he even did a car that went into the water. A friend of mine had 5 or 6 pieces. I don't remember his name.

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    Absolutely stunning.... I am speechless...

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    i gotta say..this thread has over sixteen thousand hits. i am both humbled and curious. does it appear anywhere else or is it all in house? this internet thing is pretty amazing.

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    the first sculpture will be in "SOFA chicago" next week. if you are in the area and want to see it in real life and say hi (i'll be there pretty much the whole time) please do. the shows out on navy pier.

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    wow, when I first saw the box of money I thought you pulled a switcheroo and took a pic of a real box of money. Awesome job.

    Any chance you do metal work and can duplicate those 50's on some metal plates I have?

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    well...i might as well just keep this thing going. here is the beginning of the next sculpture(from the stock i bought recently).....a pile of sunday morning newspapers with the puzzle on top. iv'e done one before but i've learned a few things since then. at this point its just roughed out with large gouges, knives and a straight edge.

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    moving right along.....slow going as i'm doing two other pieces at the same time.

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    ok...moving right along...finished the three commissions that needed to be done by Christmas and am back to work on the newspapers. there is about 50 hours of work between this photo and the last. just about ready for poly and paint and ink.

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    this is a more "sculptural" view. ready to put the poly on today.

    OK....twenty thousand hits.......yikes!!

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    so when's the next episode coming.
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    i'm actually a bit further along than this i'll post again soon. thanks for asking.

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    You can't fool me! You photographed a stack of newspapers and then carved wood into the same shape, then showed us the original photograph!
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    If I'm not mistaken, I think three across is WOW! Your work is inspiring.

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    I am well... speechless. I have a freind that is really good a photorealistic painting but this just blows my mind.
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