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Thread: My New Hollowing System

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    My New Hollowing System

    Everyone's posting their Home Made Hollowing Systems so here's mine. I finished my system last week and have not done a lot of hollowing with it but it does seems to work very well.

    The Hollowing System is based on the Lyle Jamieson System.

    The boring bar is a metal turning boring bar purchased from eBay, it is 3/4 " and uses 1/4" metal turning bits. The bit is positioned at 45 degrees on one end (as shown in the photos) and 90 degrees on the other end. With this boring bar I can hollow approximately 10" deep. The Jamieson 3/4" boring bar with bits will work with my system so if I wish to hollow deeper than 10" I can use the Jamieson boring bar.

    The laser is a laser pointer from Staples ($20).

    My estimated cost is $50 to $60 for the complete system.

    Thanks for looking, comments welcomed.

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    Nice, that looks like it should serve you well.!
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    Congrats on making your own system! Looking forward to seeing some hollow forms!

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    Impressive Dale! I might just have to try to twist your arm to make one for me! You do nice work!
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    What a fine looking hollowing rig! Congrat's on a job well done. I'm looking forward to some new HF's being posted by you.

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    That looks like it will perform well for you. A well done system.

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    Man, that looks nice. Been watching the other hollowing rigs that folks have made, and now this one. I've got twice the work I want to do now! Thanks for sharing!

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    Looks good and solid, hard to beat the price!

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    great job!!! I thought about a captured rig too and may make one in the future.

    Can you post some closeups of the laser mount and how you did the cross mount on the laser mount? I was thinking of making mine out of aluminum but may go with wood to dampen out vibrations - is yours pretty steady?



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    Closeup photos of the laser system!

    The laser mount is made of a 1" X 1" square steel bar with a 1/2" hole drilled for the laser and a 7/16" hole for the cross bar. The thumb screw adjust the mount on the cross bar. The laser has a push button switch, I used a small round file to file a rounded slot in the 1/2" hole for the laser to slide into, when laser is inserted into the 1/2" hole the rounded slot will press in the switch and turn on the laser.


    The mounting device for the cross bar to the post is made from a 1" X 1" steel bar. A 1/2" hole was drilled for the post and a 7/16" hole drilled for cross bar. Each end of the mount was slit and holes drilled and taped for 3/8" bolts so the bars could be held in the mount securely.


    The base mount for the laser system is 2 pieces of 2" X 2" X 1/2" steel bar, with five 5/16" holes drilled, one for mounting the post and four to clamp the laser system to the hollowing system. The end of the post was already drilled and taped for a 5/16" bolt so the post was bolted to the top piece of the mount. To get the 3/4" semicircle slots in the mount, both pieces were bolted together with 1/4" spacers then drilled with a 3/4" drill bit, this was not an easy task.


    The laser system is very stable in use, I've hollowed one piece and am very pleased with the results.

    Thanks for looking,

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    Great looking setup. I would like to make one for myself sometime. Can you get a closeup of the cutting tip end? Thanks

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    Looks good and stout. Can't wait to see some HF's.

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    Very nice work! Hope to soon see some action shots!

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    Thanks Dale for the close ups on the laser mounting!!! Great job, really nice. I worked on mine a bit today and will be posting the pics soon. Went more "wood" than steel - easier to work (and I am lazy).


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    One of the things my captured system does not have is an adequate laser bar. Your design will work for mine. Thanks so much....I see light at the end of the tunnel!!
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