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Thread: How to Keep drawers from sliding open

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    How to Keep drawers from sliding open

    I recently bought a router table & router off craigslist for a good price. The top a rockler top and the base was made with plywood and had not been finished. I decided to finish the table and add some drawer fronts and finish it up to make it look nicer. After finishing it, the drawer slides were a little stiff so I applied some wax to them. Now they are super loose, so much so that when I roll the router table out (its on wheels), all of the drawers open up. Any ideas on how to get the drawers to stay shut while rolling the table around? I was thinking about the child locks but that just seems like it would eventually just be a pain. Or maybe some sort of weak magnet, enough to keep it closed when moving.


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    My vote is for magnet catches.

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    +1 on magnets. Drill hole, glue in magnet, screw washer to opposite surface. Doesn't take a lot of force. Generally, in my experience, if you can stop them from "starting" to open they will stay closed.
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    I don't know why I didn't think of that. Thanks for the quick and simple solution.

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