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Thread: cabinet design software

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    cabinet design software

    Hello all looking for input

    I'm a one man cabinet shop I use computer software to design and generate cut lists. The program i'm useing does not work all the time will miss parts and make parts to large. I'm looking to upgrade to a better solution what would you suggest or what do you use?

    I have been looking around and like what I see in KCD systems cabinet builder does anyone have this or use it?

    thanks Kirk

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    Just saw this plugin for SketchUp awhile back:

    I have to admit that I haven't gotten around to downloading it and trying it out to see if the "two cabinet limit" on the cheap version is going to be an obstacle or not. The subscription service for the full version is ridiculous for anyone other than a production cabinet shop (and only un-ridiculous to them if the software is really good).

    [EDIT] Just went back and browsed through the website. Initially I thought the cutlist feature was built in - now see that is a link to Cutlist Pro. Here is a video overview of the program:
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    I use EasyCab

    Easy to use, they have a CNC and tablesaw version. give the free demo a try. it practically builds the cabinets for you.
    next to no learning curve. also gives a nice 3D rendering and many options for cut list breakdown

    I have the tablesaw version and can export to cutlist pro with out issue for sheet goods layout

    you can get started for around $115. here is a hint, add it to your cart then use the back bbutton or exit with out buying and it will offer you a 15% discount., make sure you are not blocking pop ups

    I do not know anyone at or work for easycab. just a happy customer

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    The only ones I'm very familiar with are expensive programs like Cabinet Vision and Cabnetware (Approx. $10K for one seat).

    The only inexpensive program I know of is eCabinets from Thermwood. Last time I checked, it was free. I've never used it, but I have poked around in it a bit.

    Just curious about your current program. PM me about that...
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    I did end up renting the KCD software love it simple to use I will continue to rent it. so far i have found no bugs and the customer service is first class

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    Could you tell me what version do you have?


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    Has anyone tried cabinet planner?
    I looked around his website today and it appears to be pretty good for a small shop or hobbyist.

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    Hiya Gents...I am a newbie here, so not quite sure how valid my info is. i have used ecabinets for about four years and have had good luck with it. It does have a few glitches, which for the most part (not always though) are my fault. It is a totally free program from Thermwood that is very flexible. It generates great cutlists and once you learn the ropes it is somewhat easy to navigate. Here are some recent renderings that I did with it.


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    i have CW and CV along with kcdw,cabinetpro, cabinetplanner and a few others, this is the future of cabinet software, it was written by originators of some of the best Cabinet software on the market and they have really done this right,, the way i see it it will cost as much as i charge for 1 lin foot of wall cabinet per month.

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