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Thread: Stylii, Eagle & Help for WIP w/WOP

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    Stylii, Eagle & Help for WIP w/WOP

    Been slowly acclimating the "Vanilla" to it's new surroundings. All the big logs are still sitting in the corner mocking me, but they can wait.

    Finished up a batch of styluseses, er, stylii. These work with the new tablets, iPads, smartphones, etc, etc. Took some to church a couple weeks ago and got several requests. Just got the new combo pen/stylus kit (in pink, to match the lathe... ), and threw in a circuit board pen into the photo, that's been laying on my bench for months.


    Also finished one of the laser inlay kits I've got laying around...


    Lastly, been working on a chunk of hickory crotch for a while. Thought I had it about where I wanted it - a natural edge fondue bowl!


    But after I finished sanding I parted it off and brought it over for some WOP. Outside applied OK, but the inside suddenly shows a bunch of sanding marks that were invisible before the poly was applied. Took another shot at resanding the inside bottom, then tried another coat - I only made it worse! The picture doesn't show the general problem. The bottom is convex - there's a slight hump in the middle, plus one by that know just above center. The sanding swirls are not on the center hump, but on the floor of the bowl right before it transitions up the wall.

    Because of the NE, and overall shape of the bowl, it's really difficult to get my drill sander or sandmaster in there, and there's no room for knuckles either. Any ideas on how I can resand the inside of this thing?? The bowl is just over 6" diameter, 3" high, and has about a 3.75" opening.


    Thanks for looking!
    Steve \o/
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    Steve, don't you just hate those sanding swirls. I don't have an answer, but am the recipient of a lot of them. As long as you don't stain the wood, the lines aren't as noticible..... I tried buffing some out once, but I didn't have much sucess.
    The pens are nice....... Jerry (in Tucson)

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    Steve, can't you use an extension on your drill and pad? I use one a lot for the bottom of HFs and often sand through a 1.25" hole. Here is one from Vince Welch -

    Nice looking pens, stylii and bowl, BTW!!

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    Wait, I have to buy something else to fix a problem?? Boy, that vortex never lets up, does it...

    John, that's probably just what I need. Got my eye on some more if Vince's products as well. But I'm still digesting the lathe purchase, so I guess I'll put this bowl on the shelf until I'm back to positive cash flow.

    Or I may try simulating the extension with some dowel rod if I have the time.

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    That being said, do any of you turning veterans have any tips/tricks for spotting invisible sanding marks before they become a finishing issue?

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    Steve - you can wipe down a turning with mineral spirits to reveal any sanding marks or bruised areas. The MS will evaporate without leaving any residue.

    I agree with using an extension on your sanding pad. I have a couple of different lengths that really come in handle at times!

    Nice work on everything - especially the Eagle pen!

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    +1 for what John and Steve said. Mineral Spirits works well to identify sanding marks. Really nice looking turnings and the eagle pen is really nice.

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