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Thread: Turned "Trashwood" Trinket box

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    Turned "Trashwood" Trinket box

    This is one I created from Box Elder scraps and blue Poly Resin. It's finished with CA. It was a fun project and is about 4" tall. C&C Welcome.
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    Interesting work there Donny..........has some whimsy to it!
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    Interesting, Donny!! I have often wondered what something similar would look like using plugs from a plug cutter - kind of a take off from Alan Trout's acorn caps.

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    Hey Donny----- I have been trying to get ahold of you ----- I get a return message that says your PM box is full-----PM me your # and a good time to call you.
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    Pretty cool box there Donny! Has a pop-art look to it!

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    Different and nice!

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    That has an interesting look! Each side has a totally different look to it. I like it!
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    That's pretty cool Donny! Nice use for little scraps too!
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    trash into treasure..very cool box
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    Interesting and cool piece Donny.

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