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Thread: Has anyone used Vermont Natural Coatings?

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    Has anyone used Vermont Natural Coatings?

    Has anyone used or heard of results from using this finish?

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    Don't know what kind of finish you will get but it seems like a pretty safe material to use:

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    The reason I ask is because it is being touted as a very durable finish for some out door cabinetry in coastal Maine . Not enough info to go on and the rep didn't want to give up a pint for some testing.

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    I have not used them nor have I heard of them. Their MSDS and TDS are very light on any real info that would help determine what this product has in it; and thus be able to tell how it will preform...

    Thompson's waterseal says it's the best in the world at weather proofing wood... Don't believe them....

    Finishing is an 'Art & a Science'. Actually, it is a process. You must understand the properties and tendencies of the finish you are using. You must know the proper steps and techniques, then you must execute them properly.

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    Yes, thanks Scott - I don't intend to be a guinea pig tester, and so the questions of this thread.


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    Aren't these the guys that popped up to provide finishes for the Amish craftsmen? Seems like I read something about this, but I can't dredge up the details.

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