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Thread: Couple new tools - and, a rare glimpse!

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    I think his login was HACKED!

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    John - I have had the same BB 2" SRG for years now and it works quite well. I do wish the tang thicker at times though! Will be interested in finding out how well you like the continental gouge. Looks like it should work pretty good!

    I imagine you managed to get back into the shop this morning and cleaned everything up ... before you left for work! As long as the curlies were dry, I suppose it was OK for a one time thing! Would hate to see this become a habit... cause then I would have to come down there!!

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    Congrats on the new tools John! I have really enjoyed the Benjamins Best tools that I bought. That's some nasty stuff they pack them in though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Keeton View Post
    And, now for that rare glimpse! For those of you that have visited my shop, or even noticed in various pics I have posted, this is an extremely rare sight - actual "stuff" on the ways of the lathe, and even on the floor!!
    Given your sterling reputation, John, this picture ought to be titled "Widow Maker II"! But this certainly should lay to rest any suspicions that you've actually been "offshoring" your work. ;^} (I'm sure you have a good excuse for leaving the mess, like running around chasing woodchucks around the barn...) Nice looking tools, too!
    Steve \o/
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    Last week, I spent several days trying to get my shop half this clean, my wife thinks something is wrong and said something about up dating my will.

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    John, I've had that SRG for a couple of years and love it. this is a point where 'bigger is better'. I am interested in the Contenental gouge. I have the Haror Freight ones that came in a set and while I use them, their ability to take and hold an edge limits their use. I know the Packard (Hamlet?) tools are better steel and look forward to a review (and buying my own).

    As to the shop - mine looks like that more often than not - I do clean between projects, just not immediately.
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    I hope to post a little more on the Continental gouge, but for my purposes, the use is going to be limited to shaping vessels. I would suspect if one did a lot of large spindle work - posts, legs, etc., this tool would be very, very handy!

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    I prefer the continental style better for finish cuts, and the regular for more roughing cuts. I did take my continental gouge and made the nose profile more like this, ), which basically makes it a skew with an oval cutting profile rather than a straight one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Beaver View Post
    What mess are you talking about? Looks clean to me.
    that what i was thinking

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    John, I think all these folks are just jealous of your clean (spotless) shop. I also have the same problem. It's been said my shop looks clean enough to operate in . Maybe we'll have to visit each other sometime.

    John Smith

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    "Maybe we'll have to visit each other sometime."

    Now there's a great idea. All of the OCD clean freaks could get together and form a group. Maybe even have their own special forum category. There could be meetings with discussion sessions about things like "Why they are so jealous of us." Or "How can they live like that?" Or "How can we possibly coexist with them???" You could go out at night and knock on doors and ask people if they have found cleanliness yet. If they would like to hear the word about how to bring order into their pathetic lives. And you could inspect their shops and tell them how they would see the light if only they would get more lights. How they live in darkness only because they know, deep in their hearts, how grim things would look if they could see more clearly the true nature of the path they have chosen.

    I'm liking this idea a lot...
    David DeCristoforo

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    Wow, David - you've been reading my mind!!!! I have those exact thoughts daily. It is only through the guidance and restraint of Ms. Keeton, that I don't canvass the town to spread the gospel of the clean shop! As therapy, I am writing a book on the topic, it will be out in the fall...... Just looking for investors to cover the printing cost. One of the chapters is on proper use of the broom, another is on the technical aspects of dustpan usage. I look for it to be a top seller - perhaps to supplement the ministry!

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    Hey John, if we buy the book, do you throw in a Shop Vac as a buyer's incentive? I had a Continental gouge in my original Greenlee carbon steel tool set when I started turning, I wonder what ever happened to that thing?

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    I'll take one of the first published copies.

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